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Blammers and Burners?
Not to bring up and old topic, but im still really waitin for this track haha. Anyone know if there's been any recent news about it or should i just give up waitin.
Tech hasn't said publically what project the track is going to be on... I know he has something new coming out soon, but still waiting too.
It's Crooked's track, not Tech's. I'm waiting on it too!
(10-17-2010, 02:47 PM)iKING link Wrote:It's Crooked's track, not Tech's. I'm waiting on it too!

Yeah that's my understanding too.

Tech's dropped a couple projects since it's been recorded too.
I guess it's gonna be on BOSS, coming soon haha
it's locked in the same vault as Boss and a Gangsta, Poke Em Out and Silence
I hopin that if MDS comes through that this will make an appearance on there.
to be real I'm almost 100% sure its not going to be on MDS, and most likely it will never see the light of day. Just like the King Tech mixtape that shit got shelved and its never gonna come out which sucks cuz I heard most of the tracks on it and to say its Insane would be an understatement.
yea that's what im afraid of, but im tryin to have hopes here haha. the only reason why im staying optomistic is because in the article that interviewed tech he said that it was recorded for crookeds album. still that doesnt mean its gonna be on there but i pray for it.

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