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Joe Budden MM4 Quotables Thread
This mixtape/street album is dope to the fullest extent and there are far too many quotable lines. So let's use this thread to post some of our favorite quotes.

I'll start off with a few:

"I gave her my honorable discharge and she took it like a soldier"

"i'm not the social type, nothin bout him social-like
designed the prototype how to un-love over night
flipside i'll die for my niggas put it the simplest
you give me your all and ima send it back with interest"

"every rock they throw, i use as a stepping stone."

"shout out to my fans, glad I can inspire y'all
got a couple haters, still tryna acquire more"

"I always manage to do better when theres doubt shown, I'll teach you how to turn them diamonds into milestones."

Fire away and ps. It doesn't have to be strictly Budden quotes, quotes from other featuring artists as well.
"Can't come up short when shit is priceless" Deep line if you've felt that feeling before.
crazyiest line that didnt make it has to be

if im at the bar orderin a couple rounds
im in between 2 birds like a double down

crazy ill, i gotta play the actual tape more to reeally take it in, but its a classic no doubt
we can hang like Aretha Franklin bra-less

i make rappers cry...onions

u cant walk in my shoes....bunions.

i was dying the first time that played.......

"def jam artist development"

"im in the streets now son....." FUCKIN HILARIOUS.......fuck yall, this fall im takin my talents to south beach. IM PLAYIN FOR THE HEAT TOO!!!HAHAHAHHAHA
off topic a lil bit but the WORST quotes on the LP come from pusha t. hes been getting alot of shine lately but i never been a fan and judging from that verse i am not missing out on anything special. reality tv before surviver bitch....yugggh.....fucking garbage. his whole coke rap did not fit in with the song at all either, styles was on point and i couldve done with beanies verse instead of pushas. dude sucks ass
inseparable is one giant qutable  amazing amazing track

the deaf got great vision and the blind man could hear better
figured since I lost all my senses that I would fear better

the man in fact that I’ve become, you had a hand in that
and I’ll give ya’ll the World but I’m sure that ya’ll would hand it back

single mother, held it down when my pop was locked away
cried everytime I gave my mom a gift on fathers day

you always thought you were her least favorite child
only sibiling that showed up, you at least make her smile
at least make her proud, not an obstacle thats too hard
true stars try to be half the person you are
aint never neglect, so I’ll forever respect
I more then owe my life to you, I’m forever in debt
I mean my mother got cancer in her neck
but ill be behind you every step, what the f-ck did you expect

what im tryin to say is, dont complain about your path and where it took you
cause you might end up with somebody to sing this hook too
Now I’m a different person with nothing to overcome in the mist of burdens- Black Cloud

So be warned as I’m putting on like I’m reformed
Only so y’all can accept it as being my norm
Maybe I quit working on me, maybe I given up
Maybe I been lying to myself maybe I give a f-ck.

I Plan on changing my ways, but I'm procrastinating.

I would post more but the guys above covered the stuff I remember and the shoes skit was the s-it! ( have to listen to it more, the album is just classic)
Oh yeah " I always manage to do better when doubt's shown"
sober up - crooked

apparently i need to get a shrink
but how can therapy take care of me
when i dont give a f**k what n****s think

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