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Eminem Feat. Slaughterhouse - Session Two!!?!!

Had to bring this thread back, Ive just seen that footage. Pretty interesting.
If they all fucking re-writting them verses then god damit this will possibly be the most beat demolishing track of 2011 ! I even smell a Horse Shoe Gang spitting on this and then a megamix dropping the same week. R.I.P.

Guna have me waiting forever for this track though Sad
Hopefully it'll be on Royce's "Success is Certain" album.
[glow=red,2,300]I hope it'll be a Best Buy bonus track for MDS (or at least the Slaughterhouse LP we're a 100% sure about that coming out) Yo Effex you should suggest that 2 Crooked on twitter either one would be crazy[/glow]
Considering the info Royce have been leaking its gonna be on Success is Certain.

+ Joe said on twitter, the day the xxl cover dropped, that royce should have been leakin the new record with eminem, it would have been a perfect day.

Then Royce replied Joey should have leak the black milk/slaughterhouse track.

Anywayz, Ive been waitin for this record since that Ive heard that snippet. Ive never anticipated a track that much.

UPDATE : Royce just confirmed the Everybody down joint was produced by black milk on twitter.
they shoulda put this on the ep...

(02-25-2011, 08:02 PM)twizzy link Wrote:they shoulda put this on the ep...


no. THAT would've been the biggest fail ever. You don't put songs ft. Eminem on the EP you owe to your old label / on the EP no one is promoting.
we will probly never hear this song anyway...
people be hyping shit up all the time.

the going to hype it to the max and when the album drops they going to bitch cuz it wasnt put on the album. then in 2-3 years the song will leak and people will bitch cuz it didnt meet the hype.
There was no point in putting this on the EP, that was really just an obligation project.

We'll get plenty of Slaughterhouse and Eminem collaborations, no worries.
I wanted to re-listen to this to compare it to 2.0 but the user removed the video. Can anyone re-up it somewhere?

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