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Crooked I Speaks On B.O.S.S. Download
(06-02-2009, 06:10 PM)PublicEnemyNo2 link Wrote: While its massively disappointing, my attention has been with SH for the best part of the year so far. People may think that this SH project has pushed the BOSS album back, but has it really? We would be still waiting. I thank god for Slaughterhouse as now we can finally get to hear some retail, in the record store, music from Crook - as well as 3 other top MC's as a massive bonus.

Exactly, theres no way to say for sure without sh crook would drop this year, I will support anything he releases blindly based on the material, I don't agree with his business but I still support his music and this SH album may finally get crooked on, he has all the tools to blow in my opinion he just needs that right timing, this album coming before his solo may be a blessing in disguise, Im just  waiting it out and supporting when I can, not taking any info as gospel and if he blows he blows, if he dont then I still get good music....I can't be mad
 Defective Crooked I Robot
so i guess they dropped this suprise lol
what do yall think crooked is thinking if he reads through this?
(06-30-2010, 09:31 PM)CrookedOrBiggie link Wrote: what do yall think crooked is thinking if he reads through this?

I mean anything that was said in this thread, isn't anything that hadn't been said before. Crook knows what people are saying and how they feel.

I don't think he can be too mad, a lot of it is just honest opinions and feelings, can't be mad at that.
EFFeX hit it on the head, it's just honest opinions and they're all based on past experience so it's not like there's any argument Crooked I or his camp can even have with anyone on the subject.  We already know what to expect.  It is what it is.
thanks to the person who brought an old topic and still no crook album.
Goddamn i got excited when i saw this up top on the main page!!!

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