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Crooked I feat. K-Young - "California Love 2011 (Hip Hop Weekly: Reloaded 14)"

Quote:It would appear that every Hip Hop artist has their own "weekly" series popping right now. Earlier this week, Crooked I announced that he may prematurely end his Reloaded series and brainstorm new methods of interacting with fans. While this statement left readers troubled, nothing is set in stone and Crook has released the latest installment of his historic series.

On this week's edition of Hip Hop Weekly: Reloaded, we find the Boss of Long Beach rhyming over a reconstructed version of 2 Pac's California Love (Remix). Interestingly enough, Crooked I recruited producer Don Juan to remix the instrumental and K-Young of Treacherous Records to lace the track with a hook. The result is a 6 minute long West Coast classic! Make sure to check out the track by using the music player included below.

If you are interested in checking out past installments of Crooked I's Hip Hop Weekly: Reloaded series, please visit our official music archive or check out Planet COB. In the mean time, keep it locked for additional news updates from The B.O.S.S. Board.


Not yet sir.
he said its done on twitter just not released yet said it was 6 minutes
yea, my dude b on his W, W, W Westcoast shit this week. SSUT SSUT yall
good looks EFFEX, you a gangsta
good lookn my dude
Thanks for this.

HHWR after 14 weeks > most artists' mixtapes and albums, track for track.
Gotta love the Crooked I K-Young combo, they go in all the time. K-Young kills the damn hook!
Dont gety  is label 2011 remix?? shoulndt it  b 2010 ?????  ??? ???

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