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Crooked I feat. K-Young - "California Love 2011 (Hip Hop Weekly: Reloaded 14)"
Finally got my shoutout! lol
(11-10-2010, 03:28 PM)cominfromdawest link Wrote:Dont gety  is label 2011 remix?? shoulndt it  b 2010 ?????  ??? ???
He's ahead of his time ..

Crooked murdered this, love this west coast shyyt
Rest in Peace PAC!! too soon homie too soon Sad
This week's entry of HHWR is the perfect example of why I'm not supporting Crooked until he releases an album.

Crooked needs to develop his own identity in the rap game. He needs original music and original ideas. Don't rehash old songs by the greatest to ever do it and stop freestyling over other people's beats. It makes him sound like an amateur, despite the fact that he's a sick MC. Bottomline is get some money, pay for decent producers, and release a fucking album already.

HHW got him articles and coverage all over the media because it was original. What has HHWR gotten him? Nothing. Why? Because every other rapper in the game has done some sort of series now. How come? Because it's cheap and easy promotion for an album release. Crooked doesn't seem to understand that last part. Everyone else's series built to something. Crooked's is building to nothing.

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