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Official where is HHW reloaded 15 thread!!!??
I mean, if it's a little late... it is what it is.

At least it shows that it is coming out and that he didn't cancel the series and I think that's the main concern.

I'm sure it will be worth the wait.
I am tired of detoxing!!!!, has any one called him yet?lol. I have done all I can to stop this tweaking, I have listened to Eminem and Royce, I have replayed the first HHW Series, Crook needs to stop playing man.
just on this topic one of the reasons crooked doesnt get rekognized as the main guy in hhw , this including the first year is their was weeks he missed realesing a song, if their was an actual guines book record thing on hhw, crooked wouldnt have the title cause techincally he never went 52 weeks in a row, and now in this hhwr his ruined his chance again/
Almost 2k views, NIGGAS FIENDIN FOR THAT HHWR 15 !!! haha


Hey id rather have a delayed hhwr every week than have no HHW at all. So I am happy for what we are getting. And also, Id rather have consistent music released everyweek for 52 weeks than wait for an album ! An album is always a nice change and a beautiful treat but what Im saying is i cant complain with what im/we are getting now !!! SUT SUT COB
fuck crooked i just twitterd that the last week of hhwr is dropping today to many people copyin him with the weekly series..
yep its done, fuckin thanks alot kanye u bitch, xxl too for publicizing everyone BUT crooked.

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