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Crooked I feat. COB - "HHWR: Finale (Week 15)"

Quote:In April of 2007, Crooked I launched a year long campaign known as Hip Hop Weekly. The ground breaking series delivered new music and connected with fans using an innovative approach each week. Earlier this year, Crooked I opened a new chapter with the Reloaded series. While it was critically acclaimed, it was also highly imitated. The Boss of the West is now bidding the series farewell in an attempt to seek out new and exciting methods of connecting with fans.

On the final installment, Crooked I recruits the Circle of Bosses family to send the series off with a blast. Crooked I, The Horse Shoe G.A.N.G, Sauce Tha Boss and ConiYac tackle the instrumental to Dr Dre's critically acclaimed single Kush. The song is a lyric fest and most certainly the proper way to lay the series to rest. We urge everyone to check out the grand finale by using the music player included below.

If you have missed out on previous installments of Hip Hop Weekly: Reloaded, please make certain to visit our Music archive. Additionally, be sure to hit up Crooked I on his official Twitter account and share your thoughts and memories regarding this classic series. In the mean time, keep it locked to The B.O.S.S. Board for further updates regarding the Circle of Bosses movement. #Sutt #Sutt

Download / Stream:

Clean Version:

Entire Series:
his first shout out is Ferhat!

Damn last one huh?

Its all good Crook

True MC's Recognize you, feel me!!1

I don't think this is coming off repeat all day.  8)
ffs he shud have made it at least 15 mins but its not even half as long as the first finale
WTF, I thought with the XXL Poll, he was mad enough to go the whole 52 weeks, He should have at least ended with the whole Slaughterhouse/COB fam. This SUCKS!!! but I can't wait to see what new trend(if any) their gonna come up with.
Dam niggas went in !!!!

Can't believe we wont be getting anymore Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad

"I come from the cement, no not semen, the street birth me" dam
Wish Crooked could do this beat alone and that they chose some other beat to do together, do double up...anyway, very good finale.
Thank god. HHWR didn't accomplish anything. Now he can do some writing for an album.

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