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R.I.P. HHWR. But What was your favorite weeks of the series?
Just curious to see what were everyones top weeks were.

Mine were...
1. Week 3
2. Week 4
3. Week 11/5
Man its a tie between Light up, Talkin to myself and Black and Yellow for second... but dam the content he spit on Never Been....that was deep as fuck !

As per the finale though, they all fucking went in and its defiantly my fave !
Hard to pick one but makin that instrumental with boardwalk empire theme was clever. Sounds dope as fuck.
just for the content along i cant choose between Light up (week 3) and never been (week 8)

both are deep as fuck, and have a brilliant message.
It's a tie between "Light Up" and "Black & Yellow".

I love the finale though.
1. 11
2.  2
3. 13
4. 6

fuck it, i like most of them Smile
8th was my favourite. finale was my 2nd and 3rd was my 3rd lol
13th sutt sutt this is C.O.B
(11-25-2010, 03:32 PM)Snipe777 link Wrote:13th sutt sutt this is C.O.B
shit I forgot MEDECINE cuzz it got a special place in my heart lol but 4real crook gave a shoutout to my city(MONTREALITY) on that one so MEDICE,BLACK and YELLOW and TALKING TO MYSELF
4 me it was

1. Medicine (Week 6)
2. Boardwalk Empire & Hello Week 10
3. HHW Reloaded 13 (Black & Yellow)
4. California Love 2010  feat. K-Young HHW Reloaded 14
5. Light On (Week 3)

but nonetheless all were great but dos were da 1 i feel dat were da most powerful

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