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Crooked I HHWR #16
wats the deal wit this? i thought he was finished?
Quite odd haha, maybe he thought about it and realized that one more week made it 3 months even? or even better he got a good promotion idea and decided to continue until then?

Edit: I don't recognize the verse so it sounds new, but is it just me or do those not sound like original shout outs, like they are spliced in if that makes sense? I am prob wrong I think its just that the boss board shout out sounds different from the ones before it and I recognize Chris From Bell Gardens from the first series

Edit2: now that I've listened to the track in it's entirety it seems obvious that someone he knew must of passed away and he had something to spit about theory based on the lyrics anyway
 Defective Crooked I Robot
^ nope you're right
No you guys are wrong.

This very verse was heard before in a video in the background. Either a fan or someone close to crook managed to get their hands on the verse and I am guessing leaked the acapela which a fan took and through on a beat. As you can tell the beginning shout outs were taken from previous HHWR. I almost thought it was legit too Tongue

Anyways for further proof that this is not legit and obviously fan made is Crook on twitter said "TheRealCrookedI Crooked I
What the hell is HHWR 16??@PWT_COB"

So there ya have it, this was made my a fan and not officially by Crook. Still dope none the less. Always a fresh of breath air to hear a new Crooked Verse !

Not official, but a cool verse nonetheless.

Almost had me with this one! I was going to say... Damn Crooked tricked us! haha
Even 2dope released it..

Hsg rted it lol see y'all next week
Figured it out during the shout outs- all from the original hhw's

(verse goes out to flex #fuck flex)
I'm having a good laugh at all these so called "hip hop" sites posting this track today and saying its actually the 16th installment of HHWR ...SMH !

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