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Best SH Member LP/Mixtape Release in 2010?
Who will have the best solo full-length release this year between Budden, Royce, and Joell?

Personally I think BE3 is better, more consistently good than MM4. I think Free Agent will be good, and Joell has more versatility as an artist, but I suspect there will be some weak/skip tracks on Free Agent.
I think Royces last two projects BE3 and Street Hop were really solid all the way through. Joell is probably my favorite out of the 3 of them, and im really excited for his release too, but i just hope its not too feature heavy.  Id say Royce is gunna have the best begining to end tho.
Not really related but,
I just watched this movie Skyline, and royce had 3 tracks in it. Movie sucked bad, but it was cool to hear royce. I also heard the beat to "Nobody fuckin with us" on Sportscenter.
Mood Muzik 4, without a doubt. Royce's BE3 and Street Hop were good. joell's Farewell Summer and Pre-Agent were good too. Crooked, well, he had a few decent songs here and there.

I still say that Joey is the most complete artist of the four and if anyone if going to make a serious impact as a solo artist, it'll be him.
Street Hop was released in late 2009, and Pre-Agent never came out.
Planet Cob vol1 was better than BE3 and moodmuzic. it had less songs but they were all quality.
Mood muzik 4 is clearly the best, i dont see how we could argue on that. BE3 was nice but it was a "fuckin around" mixtape.
mood muzik 4 is better than all of em. that might change when free agent come out though
personally, I liked BE3 more than MM4
MM4 easy. BE3 doesnt have any replay value, MM4 could end up being a classic.
(12-01-2010, 01:28 PM)aLCapone link Wrote:Street Hop was released in late 2009, and Pre-Agent never came out.

Oh, whoops on Street Hop. I found some mixtape called Pre-Agent on Was it not official?

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