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Joell Orti'z Free Agent leaks to the Internet...
From Joell's Twitter...

Just got word Amazon selling Free Agent album 3 months early. SMH... E1 strikes again. Hope yall enjoy.
about 14 hours ago via web

Yeah amazon has temporarily stopped it but in the time that it was available for sale, a few niggas managed to quickly purchase it and leaked it all over the net. I did get my hands on a download and I can say that I am not over all too impressed with it....Nothing special but good music non the less. Most of the tracks, we've already heard (sing like bilal, night train, call me, battle cry)

Track number 11 we heard a small part of it being played at the end of the free agent trailer where we all went hype over the joell and crooked I track at the end. Sadly though Crooked was not featured on the track number 11 even though we saw him record his verse in the free agent trailer. perhaps because this is a leak that maybe its the incomplete track...?

Also for track number 6- finish what you start, I saw "ft royce" and I got hyped but was disappointed to find out that royce was only on the hook which was alright but wished there was a verse from him
Yeah that royce hook disappointed me too, i dont think joell was planning to release this version. Its still a fuckin nice album u guys r exaggerating.
I got the album but havent listened to it yet. Alot of people are saying its wack. I find that hard to believe, Joell always goes hard, but i guess i'll find out when i listen to it
can someone plz hook me up with a link??
beagle check ya pm.

I'm not feelin the album... but I didn't have a lot of expectation cuz I haven't liked much of Joell since The Brick: Bodega Chronicles.(which is classic imo)

no SH and track w/ Royce is blah.  Sorry to be a hater, but most of JO's shit is boring or corny now days. wtf. 
im sure Joell knew amazon was gonna release it. But he just playin it off like he didnt to make the fans happy. He knew all he had to do to get off E-1 was to drop an "album" so he took a few of the tracks he released over the last year, recorded 2 or 3 new ones, a couple skits and "here E-1, theres your album".  Even tho ive heard most of the tracks on here. It is still a dope album, better than any of the mainstream garbage come out in the last year.
Battle Cry, Oh, Cocaine, So Hard ar all dope tracks.

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