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Crooked I feat. Sally Anthony - "Villain" (Available On iTunes & Amazon)

[Image: villainsinglecover.jpg][Image: villainsinglecover2.jpg]

Quote:Earlier this year, Crooked I announced that he is gearing up to release his new album Million Dollar Story. After several months of anticipation, the project's first chapter has been unveiled the world.

Crooked I and Gracie Productions have officially released the first single to Million Dollar Story on iTunes today. The Komplex produced song is titled Villain and features an appearance by Gracie Productions recording artist Sally Anthony. The record is an emotionally driven masterpiece that is sure to connect with fans across the globe. We encourage everyone to support the single by requesting it with your local DJs and making a purchase through iTunes.

If you are interested in learning more about Crooked I, please follow him on Twitter and check our News archive for past updates. In the mean time, keep it locked to The B.O.S.S. Board for further news regarding the upcoming album.



Ring Tone:


--- --- ---

Celebrate the song's success by picking up #Villain shirts through Crooked I's Big Cartel store!

Design 1:

Design 2:
Its very dope
Sounds like a well constructed song
I just wish he would have made a third verse
Still dope though
reallly good song, but one criticism, i understand its a single, but the ryhme scheme was pretty basic. After hearing stuff like reloaded 3, 8, 13 etc, just wish he completeely blew it away. But i do realise its meant for radio, and we know who listen to that shit. It would g right over those beiber fans' heads.
Yea exactly, its either go hard as fuck but get no radio time because those faggot beieber fans wont understand it or sacrifice some dope lyrics for a few elementary ones that gets radio time and so called  "hip hop" fans would understand, relate and eventually like it. Still though , Crooked managed to do a good job of keeping it real while going radio friendly at the same time. I'm impressed. Oh and the hook is fantastic, cute voice by Sally if only though he could've got a fucking more known women singer feature just for radio sake lol

I love the track non the less, filled with emotion !
Dope ass track, not a bad way to start off the album
Can't wait for the usual suspects to come around and say Crooked can't record a "real" song!  8)
liking this, it reminds me of a cross between nobody understands me & my life.  Sally anthony did her thing, but i know liz rodriguez (from the new royales) would have sounded better
oh shit... first I'm shocked I was able to buy this so quick, and 2nd I'm happy that I did.

This is pretty dope, but left me wanting another verse 4sho!

(12-01-2010, 07:37 PM)EFFeX link Wrote:Can't wait for the usual suspects to come around and say Crooked can't record a "real" song!  8)

Crooked cant record a real song
This is an AWESOME song. I love it when Crooked goes deep like this. Hopefully he'll actullay push this record and try to release an album with it as the single.

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