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I became a fan of ___ because of Slaughterhouse
Definitely Royce. I was a fan of the other 3 for years.

I remember when Royce appeared back with Eminem in '99. I didn't see what the fuss was about, and I wasn't feeling his shit. I respected the Bar Exams but I wasn't really feelin' them. SH made me respect him and Street Hop is crack. He's come a long way in my book.
I knew of all four of them before the group. Joell I knew the least about, and really had heard very little of him before they formed. I was most familiar with Royce and Crook, but even still went back to do some more digging on them to find more/older material. Before the group I would not have called myself a Budden fan, but he has grown on me.
So i guess I became a fan of Joell because of Slaughterhouse.
TBH, I wasn't a fan of Crook, Royce, Budden or Ortiz before SH. I had heard some songs, mixtapes or albums from everyone but never was really a fan.. Then after couple of those SH songs I started listening to their older solo songs again & became a fan.
I became a fan of Slaughterhouse because of Crooked I
(03-12-2010, 02:50 AM)Aaron link Wrote: I became a fan of Slaughterhouse because of Crooked I

ahhha nice one!
I only used to listen to Budden before Slaughterhouse. Since then, I've been listening to alot of Crooked, a decent amount of Royce, and a little Joell here or there.
(03-09-2010, 10:53 AM)shaffaaf27 link Wrote: cant stand his voice when rapping. its not concise enough. when i can understand him i do liek what he speaks of. hes very deep and emotional, and love the stories he tells, but his voice gets int eh way.

hate how he doubles his voice up.

Haha yeah his voice is a little crazy, i dont mind though, i'm used to it. the double voice stuff is pretty annoying, ive always wondered what the point of it is...haha
wow i guess im one of the few who didnt know any of em heard hip hop by ortiz and joeys pump it up, royces  boom and features with em and i vaguely recall the 2 of americaz most nu mixx with crooked. the first time i heard about SH was from royce shouting it out in some freestyle i copped off a whiteowl mixtape or something and i googled it and found the legendary freestyle on the green lantern show over the DOA beat for 20 was crazy i remember thinking all along that i was a fool for calling myself a hip hop fan and being unaware of that ill say i became a fan of each member individually because of SH, and i also credit SH for opening my mind about other rappers, if it wasnt for them i would have an empty ipod
haha nice story grade a.

joell ripped that doa freestyle, crook just went back to young boss volume 2 for that. though he does that for every radio freestyle.
Crooked, I just plained never really listened to him until Slaughterhouse but afterwards went and got a bunch of other shit. Dude is nice with it.

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