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I became a fan of ___ because of Slaughterhouse
For me , it's the 3 , crooked n royce n joell ... i was most impressed by crooked n joell (don't think I knew em before slaughterhouse) .... i knew royce before but wasn't a fan .... now i'm feelin' all his latest freestyles !!

as for budden , same goes for me , dont really like him .... he does have some good lines ... but its just me ... dont like him that much .....
i guess in my case it was royce... i was well aware of him since bad meets evil, but i never really bothered listening to him much up until the 1st few SH tracks came out.. then i went back to his bar exam tapes & prior lp material n became what would be considered a "fan".  i've known about joell since around the time the brick dropped, so i was already listening to him for over a yr before SH formed.  in joey's case, honestly, similar to royce, i never really listened to him much, although i was ALOT more familiar with royce's material as opposed to joey's stuff.. but i always saw him as that dude who came out w/ pump it up & dropped a few mixtapes.  Even after the formation of SH, i never really got much into his style as much as the other 3, mainly cuz of his style of delivery i guess.. it's either a hit or miss (imo).  e.g., i liked his flow on fight club along w/ alot of his mixtape material, but then for some reason on his lp songs & alot of other SH songs he doubles his voice like a few ppl mentioned earlier in this thread, n somehow flows differently.  Pray for me was hella dope tho!  tbh, i liked game's verse better on "the future", n i always kept wondering why, even tho joey's a better lyricist, then it dawned on me that it was just the way he was flowing.. i guess game just rode the beat better.  he has top notch rhyme schemes, over- the - head punchlines, but his diff flow doesn't help them sound as potent as they could be.  but i def liked his style as of lately on 40/40 & NY, Jersey, Philly.. if he can stick to that raspy, sharper type of delivery, then he'd be miles better when it comes to riding any beat.  
As for crooked, y'all already know.. circa '01 homeboy!  lol  
I was a fan of Joe and Joell....had not been into Royce for a couple of be very honest I had never heard a Crooked verse before the 1st Slaughterhouse song....his verse on Move On sealed it for me

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