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Crooked Collabo?
which emcee would you all like to hear crooked spit with on a song? tbh I would like to see him to a new version of Nuttin But A G Thang with The Game like Pun and Fat Joe done with deep cover like crooked doing Snoops part and Game doing Dre's obviously with original verses just in that style being that Games from Compton and Crooked's from Long Beach I think that would be awesome
with Beyonce, Jay Z, Wiley, Griminal, Ghetts and Devlin!
Isn't it obvious? Eminem ! ! ! They need to do a record along tha lines of Renegades or tha one Em an' Royce's Echo. Something that puts Crooked in a lyrical ultimatum. Either spit wit' Em or outshine him. That would be dope as hell.
crook and fashawn
i'd like to see Crook do a song with Game......two of the west coast just like he collabed with ya boy from the bay
(12-05-2010, 03:32 PM)DALJ link Wrote:with Beyonce, Jay Z, Wiley, Griminal, Ghetts and Devlin!

devlin and him, imagine the constant multi syllables rhymes, about real shit aswell.

him and lowkey aswell
Crooked I and T-Rock............Crooked I and O-Solo <(Newark) youtube him
Game  is overrated...Crooked is the west coast...and the best rapper alive
Crooked and Pac on some revolutionary, real life shit. That would be EPIC.
whosever crooked i wanna collabb withh HAH .. it don't matter  haha

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