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Joell Ortiz - "Battle Cry" (Music Video)
See... I USED to be a big Joell Ortiz fan when he was on Aftermath, but he's not spitting like he used to when he was on there. This track doesn't hold a candle to to the 125 series. Nowadays all he spits about is how hot he is and he's trying to jack Young Money's punchline style with the "it's going down...basement" type shit.

It's like he makes horrible songs like these and people tell him that it's hot like you guys are, so he keeps sucking and won't grow as an artist. It's as he's taking a step backwards.

Bottom line, Joell fell the fuck off and he's a fucking clown nowadays.

No shit. Young money didnt invent that kinda punch they just popularized it, Joell flips it well. And since when is braggadocio whack.
First time I heard this track, I went "CUCKOOOOO" It is without a doubt one of the craziest verses out there but as for the video it was nice.

You can tell though that the video is really low budget but w.e sometimes you gotta do w.e you gotta do nom saying. And honestly FUCK E1, second time they fuck up with Joell....thank god he is released from them....BRING SHADY ALREADY !


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