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Big C-Style Presents - "The One Nine Vaults Vol. 1" (Unreleased Crooked I Music)

[Image: 4mfn.jpg]

1. Big C-Style Interlude
2. Intro (feat. Mr. Tan, MC Eiht & Daz)
3. Put It Down (feat. Crooked I, J Money Buccs & Tray Dee)
4. Put That on Something (feat. Crooked I)
5. Make Young n**Gaz Holla (feat. Bad Azz & Low Lifes)
6. I Dump (feat. Crooked I & Low Lifes)
7. G'z Come out (feat. Crooked I & Low Lifes)
8. Floss Mode (feat. Magneto, Coco Loc, Ducc Dogg & Mr. Tan)
9. Tight Situation (Demo) [feat. Bad Azz, S. Sentrell, Danny Boy & Techniec]
10. Rap Killer (Original Version) [feat. Kurupt, Low Lifes & Crooked I]
11. I'm a Rider (feat. Low Lifes & King Lou)
12. Dip to This (feat. Crooked I)
13. One Nine Riders (feat. Techniec, Low Lifes & Crooked I)
14. Gangsta Gangsta (Original Version) [feat. Sho Shot, Legacy, Tray Dee & Lil C Style]
15. Your the Reason Why (feat. Low Lifes)
16. Streets (Demo Version) [feat. Crooked I, Sho Shot, Lil C Style & Lil Tip]
17. East Side up (feat. Tray Dee, Snoop Dogg, Lil C Style & Techniec)
18. Top of the Game (feat. Lil Tip, Sho Shot & Coco Loc)
19. Three's Company (feat. Legacy & Crooked I)
20. Eastside Connect Game (feat. Snoop Dogg & Lil C Style)
21. Can U Deal With It (feat. Low Lifes & Bad Azz)
22. Talkin' Loud (feat. Low Lifes)
23. Capitol Win (feat. Low Lifes & Mz Legacy)
24. One Ninein' (Original Version) [feat. Low Lifes & Crooked I]
25. Beat Down Crews (feat. MC Gruff & Jay Money)
26. Low Rider (Demo Version) [feat. Dove Shack]
27. Got the Bomb (feat. Snoop Dogg & the Low Lifes)

Original Release Date: July 7, 2013
Label: 19th Street Records
Copyright: 2013 19th Street Records
Total Length: 1:55:26
Sounds good!
Lookin forward to those unreleased Crook songs
Brand new information about the project has just been announced to the public. Four different songs are analyzed in this update...


Quote:1. Big C-Style Interlude –

Circa: December 1997
Produced By: Dat Nigga Daz
Session: “Straight Outta Cali” Compilation
Lable: Breakaway/19th Street Records
Recorded @: Echo Sound, La. Ca
Note – unheard interlude from “straight outta cali” sessions. Big c-style spreading some knowledge over a nice daz beat.

2. Intro –

Circa: Early 1998
Produced By: Dat Nigga Daz
Session: “Straight Outta Cali” Compilation
Lable: Breakaway/19th Street Records
Recorded @: Echo Sound, La. Ca
Note – Track Features Unheard Verses From Dat Nigga Daz, Mc Eiht & Mr Tan. It Was Originally Intended To Be The Intro For “Straight Outta Cali” Compilation But Was Lost After The Shooting At Echo Sounds Studio.

3. Put It Down –

Circa: September 1996
Produced By: L.T. Hutton
Session: “Low Lifes” LP
Lable: Virgin/19th Street Records
Recorded @: Sound Castle Studio, La. Ca
Note – Track Features Unheard Verses From Tray D, Crooked I & J Money Buccs. The Song Was Originally Recorded For The “Low Lifes” unreleased album.

4. Put That On Something -

Circa: December 1995
Produced By: L.T. Hutton
Session: “LBC 19th St Compilation” Records
Lable: Capital/19th St Records
Recorded @: Sound Castle Studios, La. Ca
Note – Unheard Crooked I Solo Song From The “19th St Compilation” On Capital Records Before The Merger With Virgin/Noo Trybe.

Unreleased Crooked I from '95! Can't wait!
looks real good  Smile
we will hear how crooked sounded when he was a teenager, cant wait
I'm hoping that more music from the Virgin / Noo Trybe era emerges in the future. There's more than this in the "vaults".
Lookin forward to hearin that '95 track. That should be crazy
Is it going to be digital only?
(12-22-2010, 10:04 AM)Dimos link Wrote:Is it going to be digital only?

I'm not sure, the word is that it will be on iTunes, I'm not sure about anything else...

It should be out on Jan 25th according to sources on Dubcc.

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