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Crooked I's "Independent" Music Video Coming Soon
still nothing?
He confirmed via twitter to a member here that he will not be releasing this video anymore.  He said he didnt like it and he had other plans for other videos. Apparently they are guna shoot a video for Villain real soon. Besides its pretty stupid in my opinion to release a video for a single of an EP that came out in the summer now... makes much more sense to continue promoting your upcoming album then your past EP right...
It is what it is, it would have been cool to see, but I agree... at this point, let's focus on Million Dollar Story.
I wish they would let us know this, I mean it'd be one thing if this info didn't come from Crooked's camp ( I'm assuming it did from the wording of the original article Effex wrote) but if you're going to announce that a video is "finished up" and coming within a week, then at least let us know when you decide you don't like it and aren't releasing it you know?....

Do they think that it's better to have us just forget rather then be up front...would anyone of cared if he said he didn't like how it turned out and scrapped it...I know I wouldn't, but I do care when I keep checking for something that is never coming out, oh well that's what it is to be a Crooked I fan, atleast SH gets things done and usually release on time and announce their pushbacks

Anyway all I know is when MDS drops if it's not in stores, it's no better then any other release he has put out, most of us agree he has put out album quality work before if I can't go to the store and pick it up it may as well be another mixtape in my eyes, I'll still cop if it's on itunes, it just isn't going to make me feel like Crook has out an album, I can't say to all the people I've introduced to him, that he has finally made it.....rant over I'm really just repeating what I and many others have said many times

Give us more news, and get an album in stores to buy
 Defective Crooked I Robot
Crooked announced the video on Twitter and announced that he wasn't releasing it on Twitter. He didn't just say nothing at all.

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