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COB Clothing Collection (Now Available At Shiekh Shoes)
Nice shit, good to see that they are grinding.
Just wanted to update ya'll that Crooked confirmed with the homie Lil Pro that there should be some exclusive merchandise hitting Planet COB soon.
deffinantly want the do not cock block shirt...have had that shit happen countless times, makes me ready to kill a mother fucker haha...dope that COB is getting their shit out there now
(12-14-2010, 12:46 AM)101dhs link Wrote:Someone who lives in the area should snap some pics and ship em out to other people who can't get there...that would be solid and get compensated via paypal

i co-sign this powerful statement!
New photo from the collection... Thanks to Dita!

[Image: 199609840.jpg]
we need these shirts in oregon!!!!
I second that!
i need that hoodie crook was wearing on the XXL cover, stop slacking and get this stuff online at least
I need some hoodies and the "do not cock block" tees in black.
I wonder what is holding them back from putting this all up on the web.  Seems like the brand would take off quicker online. This site alone probably garauntees enough sales to cover how much it is to open up online. I guess only time will tell.

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