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COB Clothing Collection (Now Available At Shiekh Shoes)
(01-24-2011, 09:47 PM)J.P link Wrote:2.  if you look close enough and squint enough you can actually see yb3, yb4, dream tapes, group theraphy, boss music, and million dollar story  folders on the desktop!!!!

Mama's Boy is on a floppy in the corner too.
Ok, so does anyone live near one of the stores and has eBay?  I'm really trying to get my hands on some of those shirts.  If anyone does then hit me up and ill buy them with paypal on ebay from you.  Pittsburgh is a lil too far away from Cali for me to drive down there and get some haha.
need to get tht clothing line down in south fl man
(12-13-2010, 11:49 PM)Beastmode link Wrote:That's sick to see crookeds clothing line take off, but sucks that its only available in-store. If anyone knows where to get em online then they are robocopped.

nah man COB uses big cartel online, here's an official site
#OkBye shirts making a return to THIS week!

Make sure to pick one up if you didn't grab the original ones. The design is slightly modified with the "@Haterz" tag now.

Quote:#OKBYE t's back by popular demand on #PLANETCOB this week!
- @MisoDigital

Another update on the shirts from

"Due to over­whelm­ing demand the #OKBYE shirt is coming back & this time with some exclu­sive bonus tracks!"

Looks like we're getting some new music too!

Order the okbye shirt get a song and more!!!

Can someone pm me the okbye song I already have the shirt I bought it when it first came out I don't need 2 so if anyone buys the bundle hit me with a pm of songs thanks
the C.O.B. movement will expand even moreif they offer the clothes at stores like Burlington Coat Factory not every crooked i fan lives down south or the west coast Crooked
ordered two COB shirts, and 2 others i received, online, dude keeps tellin me they'll ship em right away. i ordered them 2 months ago, idk wt the fuck he's doin but he's pissin me off. i paid for tht shit. i keep e-mailin this bitch but he aint doin his job
No Arizona shops, we need that! want the COB joint wit the CBS logo in the middle or that Cha$e Money

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