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Joe Buddens Says Slaughterhouse / Shady Deal NOT Done

Quote:For fans of the supergroup Slaughterhouse, Joe Budden has one thing he can confirm about the crew's buzzed-about deal with Eminem: It's too early to confirm anything.

Whispers that the hip-hop A-Team of Budden, Crooked I, Royce Da 5'9" and Joell Ortiz will ink a contract with the Shady Records boss have followed the foursome for a while, but while closing a deal with the Detroit hip-hop head looks promising, nothing has been nailed down just yet.

"The deal is not done. If everything goes according to plan, [then] hopefully. [It's] too premature for me to speak on," Budden said during his "RapFix Live" interview on Thursday (December 16). Even though Budden doesn't have any new answers for Slaughterhouse acolytes eager for an official stamp of approval from Em, the Mood Muzik MC noted that he's been fielding the same fan inquiries for a minute.

"I've been answering that same question for a ... year and change. Maybe ever since the Drake "Forever" video ... when Slaughterhouse was standing with Eminem, I've been answering Eminem questions," he said. "Eminem is a whole 'nother entity, the guy's nominated for 10 Grammys."

Em may be a chart-ruling trophy magnet but Budden said the first time he chopped it up with the Recovery lyricist, it was his wit that made an impression on the New Jersey-bred spitter.

"[He said] something real sarcastic. Something sarcastic as far as rapping goes. I think it was about a verse that I was doing. It's OK. But he's funny like that," Budden recalled, before explaining Shady's disarmingly down-to-earth charm. "It's almost like you're not even talking to him, like he's not who he is. I'm a huge fan, so I'll be sitting there like, 'Holy snap, it's Em,' then [you're] cracking jokes the next minute. [He's] just a real cool guy."

Budden also told MTV News last month that despite his outsize fame, Em remains a dedicated guardian of hip-hop culture.

"Em, to be as successful as he is, and I'll just tell this to anybody with two ears, or one ear, for that matter, is just one of the most supportive hip-hop people that I've met," he said. "He's really, really just into hip-hop and rap and lyrics. He's just really into all of the things that group was built around."

Visit the link above for video footage!

em should just sign Royce and Crooked and call it a group
fucks this?

Crooked and Royce saying yeah its basically done and might aswell call it ShadyHouse yet Joe completely denying it and Joell nowhere to be seen when it comes to news with Shady?

I am getting confused. I really hope it happens in 2011 though, I cannot wait any longer than that.
this shit is getting old....
anyone surprised. a year on, same bs
years later still not on shady ?smh
thats fucked up, i was thinking that was a done deal
What the fuck...Im so tired of lookin for this shit. Royce was tweetin sum like shady 2011 belongs to slaughterhouse like a month ago. There is sumthing goin we dont know. I have the impression royce n crooked are signed to shady, maybe joell too but as far as joe its like he dont wanna be on a major label. Would be whack if that cockblock the move.
I've seen a couple interviews where Crook jokes around saying he is already cleared, and he doesnt know about the rest of SH. Now hes got me wondering if there is a hint of truth to it. Probably not because Royce has made Shady announcements too. Just wierd that half of the group (Crook and Royce) seem so sure about it, then Joe acts like its not close to being finalized, and Joell doesnt say anything. 
I feel you guys though, im getting annoyed with all the build up to nothing.
This just means Joey is the one whose paperwork isn't in order.

Better start on MM5.

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