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Kurupt Speaks On Horsemen / Slaughterhouse Collabo (Video)
More Twitter gossip, ha ha! But this is encouraging!

"@TheRealCrookedI my nigga. #slaughterhouse/#hrsmn or nothin. Chuuch!" - @kurupt_gotti

"Yes sir my gee!! @kurupt_gotti" - @TheRealCrookedI

Seeing Crooked and Kurupt on the same page is very exciting!
^^ I recon, thats dope, thanks for the heads up EFFeX
(12-20-2010, 05:36 PM)Tony Trey link Wrote:Whatever. Kurupt and Canibus are about 12 years past relevant.
Canibus is better than Buddens...
i didnt no they were still makin music as a group.. salughter will slaughter emm if need be
Yeah, This WILL be tight. 'Cuz to see Crooked AND Kurupt collabo post-Death Row is fuckin PHENOMINAL (Hopefully We'll See It On MDS Too) Slaughterhouse and Horsemen on the same track is way past that! Any word as to what Project this possible track is gon' be on? IMO it should be on the upcoming Slaughterhouse LP (something newer fans will be aware of + listen to) instead of an under-rated DJ mixtape

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