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Crooked I, The Game, Wiz Khalifa & Menace in the studio (Photo)
Yeah thats a good look for Crooked to be on another track with Game, its about damn time! Its been since Game's lowrider track on SSSL, which Crooked put on YBV2 as well.

I just wonder why they haven't worked together since. 
(12-23-2010, 11:33 PM)EFFeX link Wrote:[quote author=Regal_Black link=topic=5104.msg281567#msg281567 date=1293133430]
[quote author=anita_job link=topic=5104.msg281560#msg281560 date=1293116585]
[quote author=PublicEnemyNo2 link=topic=5104.msg281512#msg281512 date=1293042635]
Cause that would be awful wouldnt it, a multi platinum artist shouting you out!

It would earn Crooked I more haters than fans. Plus Game peaked after his first album. And it's just annoying as fuck to listen to any of his songs because they are bar after bar of other people's names. He's like one of those people who continually friends people on Facebook so he can brag he "knows" or is "cool with" so and so.

The realest talk, all he does is drop names! Game never used to be this wack... such a shame, he had talent, burnt out after his first album just like 50 Cent.

What? Doctor's Advocate is a great album!

Doctor's Advocate was a CLASSIC album!!! Its one of my all-time favorites actually. It was a very well-constructed album with a nice intro, great guest appearances but not too many, introspective solo songs, and the last track which served as an outro of sorts was crazy. The Source gave 4.5 mics, I thought it should have gotten 5 without a doubt.
Game sucks as a mc, smh @ anybody pretending otherwise.. He got a nice flow, but thats it.
helllll yeah
i wanna see him kill them on their own tracks!

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