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The Boss Board Rap Cypher
The Boss Board Cypher

COB FAM Lets have fun yall, get at each other and spit.
pure fire, kill your opponent this aint no radio hit

its a long weekend and im bored outta my mind
dont know what to do, so I wrote a quick rhyme
no message in this verse, just here to waste time
might as well spit some amateur punchlines
first thing is first, my swag vicious, delicious
mess with my flow and I have you seated like my dishes
feeding yall fibers(fya bars),  now thats nutritious
i dont keep it 100 man, i keeps it one thousand
im more focused than a 'net soldier thats browsin'
yall be more soft than a
and aint nothing changing that like a tat on yo back
finna pull out this gat and fire it at yo fat
make u past tense like "bobby sat on the mat"
i' enough of this elementary rhyming shit
like im 'pposed to be here to ryhme n' shit
back on track "like a nigga neva left"
i shine more than a million projected overheads
my bars so raw, they just go over\heads
im not to be slept on... nail beds
skinny jeans, nerd glasses, yall make me chuckle
yall got no display like an ipod shuffle
beginning to end, no stopping, chin strap
now that's what you call, a finished rap/wrap

A challenge appears; who's as bored me?
to want to come back quick like you forgot ur car key.

(No rules, just spit fire, create and innovate, don't imitate. Battle against niggas and/or just poor your heart out)

Lets go

Looking at the moon with a rubber tube tied around my arm
As I grab the syringe im feeling invincible from all harm
Aimin for the pretty blue vein just to kill all the would be pain
The virus expanding strands through out my blood stream
Passin out havin wonderful dreams ignoring all the violent screams
From my haunted past but I no this sensation wont last
Before I no it im back at it searching for change in the trash
For I am an addict till the end some consider it as the new beginning
But it’s a battle versus sin and for that there is no winning
So I must be obsessed with death coughing after every breath
Realizing nothing is left addicted to heroin and meth
They said drugs was just a fade now im infected with aids
My life is closing in onto its final days still I refuse to pray
Drugs befriend me after my family and friends betrayed me
Now ima forgotten memory sleeping in the cemetery
All this madness makes me wana flip like gymnastics/
feelin' like i can no longer stand this bitch-assness/
but somehow on my own 2 i'm still standin'/
but never at a StandStill or ever let my ass get handed/ me, cuz i don't rely on hand-outs or take shit for granted,
or hope for wishes to GET granted/
if it fits in my hand, then i learned to just GRAB it/
cuz i'm just tryna make the best of my time here on this planet/
even tho circumstances i deeeaal with sometimes, got me feeeliin' like i
need a break from this demanding path my destinyy INSISTS travellin'/
but i think i might get WHIP-Lash if i pump my brakes at at the speed of life this drastic/
so i keep my horsepower crackin' like Whip-LasheS/
cuz sometimes there ain't no 2nd chances/
that's why i embody persistence thru every leap or each stride/
no half steppin - i never cease to keep tryin'/
till i'm in a position where i don't feel no need to resign/
like i'm the Boss of me & the only type of ppl i need in my life r for me to decide/
cuz the last thing i need is another chameleon changin' colors like seasons,
& then LEAVES ya behind/ 
cuz they're only inclined to see ya decline/
i ain't tryna preach with these rhymes/
but if u hungry for knowledge, then feast on these lines/
cuz food for THOUGHT is what i feed to each mind/ 

feel free to critique
this the type of shit that makes me wana strangle a lame/
hang him and leave him danglin at angles of shame/
bring him the pain from close range/
I'll leave him with a closed casket, I never wana see him a-gain/
the immaculate rap master/
eat cats like fat bastard/
wack rappers get capped with the gat for bad grammar/
for all intents and purposes/
my gat is cleanin surfaces/
quicker than swiffer, armour all's and fuckin waxin services/
my crew is axe murderers and chainsaw massacres/
ill blast u turds back to burbs for being wack traffickers/
my mass of verbs and words are shit that u ain't never heard before/
I herd the whores, bring em to my door and make em scream for more/
my teams supreme like kings and queens were eatin like some carnivores/
u vegans better be pleadin for your life before we come for yours

I'm no rapper lol i just wanted to join in for the hell of it
Just incase ya'll dont know, the name is 2 Sik/
I quick-ly grab the mic and ignite like tick tick/
Ima time bomb, with exploding rhymes that will blow you away like ya mind gone/
Speaking of minds gone, i lost my mind somewhere in the sands of time/
which means I got a loose screw, in the words of Slaughterhouse muh fucka im CUCKOO!!!
Ima cracker with addictive lines, and my spit actually has venom so its one of a kind/
I guess you could say I'm the definition of crack-spit rhymes/
Im an animal with these bars, but you cant contain me in a zoo/
more like king kong, I will step on you foo!!
A born Prodigy with this rap shit, I wreak Havoc on the mic/
ever since I was a little tyke, I guess you could say my rhymes are Mob Deep when I write/
Gimme a light, and Ima spark up this fuckin blunt filled with trainwreck/
speaking of blunts, I'll swing a blunt object to you wack rappers neck/
For trying to inject and infect the rap game, with your style, to me that shit's lame/
and after I break your leg, your gunna walk with a cane/
for bringing that shit you timid and tame/
Im a 100% pure, like Columbian cane/
One line of my shit, is like a shotgun blast to the brain/
Im unstoppable on a track, but im not Denzel/
Im a fire-breathing demon, that was sent from hell/
Sometimes I rhyme so fast, hip-hop cops wanna give me a speeding ticket/
So before that happens, I'll let one of ya'll rip it.

Theres my shit what ya'll think?? lets see how far we can get this going. We get enough people on this shit Im sure we could get Crooks attention. Im sure hed love to see what he inspired his fans to do
They racist, believe this, they want u to kill stab and have fights
Get your money leave u bloody and laugh like its all funny
They take dope to the ghetto make u sell it
U hope u get some profits but when the police arrive u walk and they take your money
They don’t care if you’re a bum
People don’t wanna listen and open they’re mind because they obviously dumb
U wanna have bars with real truth well here’s some
They call some shows reality TV
Oh really, but when u will get to see real reality is if u take a trip in the slums
Where people aint got no job no cash no thoughts of graduating through class
People don’t wanna listen they rather pass, their mind aint on function
They Stupid as believing Saddam had Weapons of mass destruction
Stupid as saying muslims are to blame for 9 eleven
Stupid as people committing suicide and thinking they will go to heaven
So fuck Barack Obama and his nobel prize, cause after he received it he sent 100 000 soldiers to Afghanistan to die’
This is my Responds to Ignorance, I spit it hard on every Sentence, I make Songs to get Dividends, stop that war, let’s get along and make sense/Cents,  u been spitting for years, u been spitting it wrong every since, They be droppin bombs and killin innocence, but they don’t know shit, they be getting orders from the president, NWO fuck that shit, look how federals behave when they talk ‘bout the twin towers,  we need to fight the power count the hours, we need to be brave not cowards
Illumination want my mind soul and my nation my occupation my patience
But fuck em’ , afraid mufuckas out there, but it’s not the people who who should be afraid of the Government, it’s the Government, who should be afraid of the people
Yes im cacation, but that dosent mean nothing, when every bar mean something

Rappers from BossBoard, lets get along and make a song..
im the king of the internet, sorry crook i took ya crown
a beginner yet i bound to be the best book it down
i rap circles round the horseshoe gang
so compared to me, of course u lame
im the boss of this board like my name was effex
i drive a lex and im in a lane thats bound for success
blowin O's while me hoe's countin my dough
everyone knows im a pro, ill kick ya butt like big bro
and  u know my flows cold like the snow thats in the pocconos
respect it, i wreck it
check my record
nothin but KOs in less than 5 seconds
a group like slaughterhouse is a light snack to a dude like me
like any rapper was in the 80s tryin to diss Ice-T
a cop killin gwap stealin menace in a white white T
is all you'll see when ur lookin up to me like a gnome on his knees
im giant, no lyin, if ur defiant
ill press u like a hot iron on a pair of khakis
just wanted to spit a little and set the bar high
now all i gotta say is...#OKBye
Damn, I gotta say im caught by surprise
didnt expect all these niggas to go in, oh my
much respect to the boss boards, we go in
niggas pourin' they hearts out like they was tossed in the bin
Crook got us fans wildin' like hormones
my job aint complete here until the whore moans
where them haters who say we aint grown
we on the double X, L, bitch we been known
I speak on behalf of EVERYBODY when I say
COB to the very death -of- me
shots fired your way, if you finna dis-a-gree
you lame squares lack flair n declare it aint fair
dont compare, we come rare n' yall aint aware
and like the time where a hater is bout to die
i look em in the eye and recite: OK BYE

AYO rap today is too materialistic/
what I spit is original not generic/
because my shit's messagalistic/
that means it has the characteristics/
of spreading messages 2 my audience base/
but that's difficult 'cuz the only people that can understand my rhymes are real niggas & aliens in space/
let me tell you what you didn't hear in the movie AVP/
the aliens & predators were bangin' the SUTT SUTT C.O.B./
and that white nigga Hood R.A.T./
R.A.T. means Revolutionary And Thug/
so like Pac I don't give a fuck/
it also means Rappin And Trappin/
like that nigga 5X10/
Imma Get Rich Or Die Tryin/
I know to most of you here I seem out of place/
'cuz I'm white & I say nigga but hey like Crooked says "I say Nigga 'cuz Nigga apply 2 any muthafuckin race"/
since nigga spelled out is Never Ignorant Gettin Goals Accomplished/
so like Horseshoe G.A.N.G. I'm MAAD NIGGERISH/
'cuz I only got 1 goal & that's stayin' alive/
so I fail only if I fail 2 survive/
like a bitch-ass nigga causes me 2 die/
but even then like NWA Imma remain a Nigga 4 Life/
I'm the MC .. respected, my lines ejected /
Like hell will your bars defined to be perfected /
I'm blessed with, the skills u can't test b*tch /
Defy me and I'm like gravity, nothing to mess with /

Check it ...

Skull harbors a unique intellect that hasn’t been rivaled yet /
The ‘brain-storms’ I bring are unparalleled when insane thoughts manifest ! /
My intelligence quotient is multiplied by 10 to the third exponent /
‘Ahead of my time’, I can outperform opponents with my brain’s ‘over-clocked’ components ! /
Never dealt with ‘bits of info’, only processed ‘gigabytes’ /
Killed ‘Gordan Freeman’, combining his 2 ‘Half-Lives’ to get a ’2nd life ! /
I spit these ‘cold flows’, ‘polar rhythms’, furry creature with the sick looks /
I’m the dude who kicked Pluto out the solar system with my BIG-FOOT ! /
You’re rhymes are sloppy like ATnT’s service when it drops calls /
Mine are ‘tighter’ (better) than the ‘iPhone 4 grip’, yeah, I ‘DROP BARS’ !! /
Defyin’ laws of ‘gravity’ as I ‘elevate’ my mentality.. I use my pen to rip rappers apart and GRAZE ANATOMIES (Grey’s Anatomy) … !!!!!!

#OKBye !

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