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Crooked I Performance @ "Nectar Lounge" In Seattle, WA (04/03/11)

Quote:Crooked I has been especially busy these days as he puts the finishing touches on his album Million Dollar Story and prepares to make history with Slaughterhouse on Shady Records. Despite his hectic schedule, the Boss of the West plans to connect with fans by delivering an epic performance in the near future.

On April 3rd, Crooked I and the Circle of Bosses will perform live on stage at the Nectar Lounge in Seattle, Washington. The Proof Avenue and Ryan (On A Mission) presented event is hosted by DJ Swervewon and will feature additional performances by Jay Barz, AD, Haviblaze and several others. Tickets are now available for purchase and we encourage fans to reserve their spots immediately. Please check out the included flier for additional details.

Crooked I's debut album Million Dollar Story is now available for pre-order through his official Big Cartel website. Please make sure to support the Circle of Bosses movement by reserving your copy today. In the mean time, keep it locked to The B.O.S.S. Board for further updates.

[Image: crookediaprilseattle201.jpg]
Only acouple days away
Promo video...
haha I just noticed my post, to me 04/03/2011 is 4th March 2011 lol to yall its April 3rd 2011 smh

Now its only acouple days away!
(03-31-2011, 12:32 AM)Aaron link Wrote:haha I just noticed my post, to me 04/03/2011 is 4th March 2011 lol to yall its April 3rd 2011 smh

Now its only acouple days away!

LMAO I was wondering why you posted that on March 3rd
Just Bought my ticket earlier today... Im smashing up with the homie bones it's going to be sick!!

Crooked I Horseshoe Gang and COB The Seattle takeover!
The show is tonight! Let me know how it turns out!
It turnt out real real dope!It was the First time I got to c Horseshoe gang live and they definitely didn't dissapiont they hoped on stage first and just mudered the shit. They ended up preforming pimp shit, click plow, chain gang and there 6'7 freestyle. After there set the big homie crook jumped on stage and shut shit down with his on to the next freestyle followed by his everyday single (look out for that video to pop up on MTV and BET soon) a rediculouse accapella and finished the show off with his last tequila vodka henny cuz he said he had to kill the skit before it killed him lol After the show crooked and the rest of the u gang took time to chill with  the fans and chop it up with everyone...Luciano Hooked me up with copy of firing squad even tho I told him I already bought it lol so I had the whole horshoe gang sign it for me. Me bones and graysoundz met back up with them after the show at a late night grub spot to kick it. Horseshoe gang and Crooked Are definitely good people and treat there fans like fam, crook even paid for our dinner despite us telling him not to lol he also took time to sit down and chop it up with us on a personal level.Overalll the entire night was sick as fuck and I can Waite for COB to roll thru again! Ssutt Ssutt!
Sounds like a great night, glad you had a good time!
This was soo fucking dope. I took pics so many pics with Crooked because he wanted to make sure I had a good pic bc he saw I was on a weak iPhone. The show was alright until Horseshoe and Crooked then that shit was banging. Crooked definitely got love for his fans.

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