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Kendrick Lamar - Ronald Reagan Era (f/ RZA) + Section 80 Release Date!!!!
[Image: kendricklamar-ronaldreaganera_l.png]

1st off, here is the record that i been wanting to hear since i've seen the preview video called Ronald Reagan Era featuring RZA on the hook. Sorry, no verse from rza like it was originally intended to feature, but the record is still hard-body regardless!

Download and bump this shit for the rest of the day!

[Image: s80_2.jpg]

Now, on to the release date........Section 80 is scheduled to drop on July 2, 2011!

Cannot wait!!
Good looking out bumping it right now K-dot
Compton Eses aint nuttin to fuck with hahaa daaam fav line right there
Yes lookin forward to this!!
thx homie definately gonna peep this and cop the album
Amazing track. Kendrick's music has so much substance. Kendrick and Budden are probably the 2 most consistent MC's when it comes to music with alot of substance and relateable stuff. This has been on constant repeat.
Black Hippy's that shit.

Can't wait for the LP.
yea this dope, Kendrick is usually on point with his shit. I also fux wit the Black Hippys, all 4 of them brings somethin fresh and different to the game.
here's the official cover art and release date
tracklist out

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