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"Mr. Porter Meets Mr. Pigface" a missed opportunity?
Now don't get me wrong, the track is insane. One of my favorite Crooked joints as of recent times. However, something says to me, "Damn, this beat is album quality!" That beat is straight West Coast and with a proper hook it could've been turned into an anthem. Mr. Porter is producing other joints on the album, so I can only assume that if they didn't use this one, there must be equally as hot beats.

However, just imagine it with a dope hook and maybe a tight feature. West Coast classic? Or am I reaching, lol...
just one verse?  hell no

but if Crook did a full song and maybe a decent hook from someone sure
(07-30-2011, 10:22 PM)RAJON RONDO link Wrote:just one verse?  hell no

That's not what I meant. I was talking about the beat itself and what he could have done with it as an actual song as opposed to a "freestyle".
(07-30-2011, 11:18 PM)EFFeX link Wrote:[quote author=RAJON RONDO link=topic=6289.msg292203#msg292203 date=1312078964]
just one verse?  hell no

That's not what I meant. I was talking about the beat itself and what he could have done with it as an actual song as opposed to a "freestyle".

or at his laziest he could take one of 50 HHW acapella's and use them
I agree the beat's dope. Better than some of the other tracks that we've heard from the album that Crooked has described as "Westcoast hood shit", or whatever. I like how he approached the track, though.

I'm just glad he's still giving us new music, whilst we all impatiently wait for MDS though. If I haven't already rinsed the track by the time MDS comes out I'll just add it onto the end.
Definitely album quality material, you a fool if you think different. Just needed another verse. Assuming they have even doper stuff on the album
this is album quality fo sho...the beat is ridiculously stupid and crooked murked it...shoulda let HSG get on it lol
To be honest, I only like Mr. Porter when he's producing for Slaughterhouse as a whole, not just 1/4 of the Slaughterhouse Machine, that being said, as far album quality goes, I don't think the beat itself is MDS quality, but it's perfect for the group & as a leak, but I think that Mr. Porter has another 4,000 years of evolution ahead of him before he could even produce a beat that's Crooked I album quality.

Does anyone else remember a time when Crooked I called his fan "haters" because they wanted lyricism over concept for this LP? if this is a forteller of what's to come, then I think the fans that fall into that category will be very pleased, but I don't fall into that category, so when I hear stuff like this being labeled for MDS, my anticipation just converts into despair.

On the real, this sounds like Mr. Porter passed 3-4 beats to him & he felt that this wasn't album quality but he felt that he had to give it to the fans so he spent 1-2 mins. writing this shit down and came up with this.
This track and Villain are the only songs I've heard that deserve to be on there. Based on past singles, I don't trust Crooked I's judgment and track/beat selection.
Good beat but not album quality. The one record that I felt ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY SHOULD have been on MDS dropped a long time ago - 'Hard on the Blvd' is the type of production I want to hear Crooked on.

'Need a Blessin' and 'LA City' also had album quality production.

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