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Joe Budden
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Royce Da 5'9"
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Joell Ortiz
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Shady Records 2.0 To Perform In "BET Hip Hop Awards 2011" Cypher
From: http://www.thebossboard.com/article.php?newid=991

Quote:On October 11th BET will air their annual Hip Hop Awards show and fans are already starting to take bets on the big winners. The award show's "cypher" segment is always a fan favorite and this year's contributors are sure to turn heads.

Over the past several weeks there has been chatter on the Internet revolving around which emcees will participate in the show's cypher. It has now been confirmed by XXLMag.com that the entire Shady Records 2.0 roster will have their own segment. Fans will be blessed by freestyles from Eminem, Slaughterhouse and Yelawolf as they present their brand the world. This is certainly a huge look for the movement and will give them a national stage to launch their takeover.

While the appearance will benefit all emcee's involved in the Shady cypher, fans will surely take bets on who will "outshine" the rest. We encourage everyone to visit our fan forum to discuss the upcoming performance.

Reference: http://www.xxlmag.com/news/2011/09/emine...rds-cipher
Crooked gon steal the show as usual
The masses will feel like Crooked I has the worse part, regardless of how dope it might/will be.
Crooked I or Eminem I can't choose who will
to be honest this is gonna be fucking huge and really everyone gonna go hard.  crooked I need to bring his S game and realy outshine everybody  its one chance when the rest of the world watch you on tv this has to be it like he has to have the best verse he ever spat in his life no other way.  the world will know
I just hope it's going to be a brand new verse.
LOL yeah probably be "Creased Khaki Flow", "The Kite", "Grindin freestyle" or his "Slaughterhouse" verse, hopefully not hopefully he comes harder than ever, with fresh, complex witty rhymes that massacres the entire show, because let's face it we all know he is perfectly capable!
I did read on twitter that he "needed a 16-bar verse, came up with 12 lastnight and went to sleep... Had a dream about the other 4 and woke up ready.." Then he flew to Detroit the next day!

Hope that is the cypher


Don't underestimate Budden. I still remember that Tila Tequila neckline.
come on crook we rooting for you. This will be one mad cypher!

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