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Ssuutt X 2
14 25.93%
Pocket Full Of Money
10 18.52%
Roll Call
2 3.70%
Diamond In The Back
4 7.41%
Drum Murder
10 18.52%
No Competition
2 3.70%
Goin Bad
3 5.56%
Game Time
9 16.67%
Total 54 vote(s) 100%
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Official "In None We Trust" EP Discussion Thread (Now Available)
FROM: http://www.thebossboard.com/article.php?newid=1027

[Image: crookedi_in_none_we_trust_ep.jpg]

Quote:As 2011 comes to a closure, the Circle of Bosses family is delivering one final gem to supporters before the new year. Of course it wouldn't be right to close out the year without a new record from the squad's commander and chief himself.

Crooked I's brand new EP In None We Trust is now officially available for purchase through the Planet COB website and other major digital retailers. The project, which has been released through COB Music Group, Treacherous Records and EMPIRE Distribution features eight brand new tracks that are sure to stay locked in rotation for months to come. We urge everyone to support this incredible effort by making a purchase using the link included below.

Please don't forget, if you missed out on any previous releases from the Circle of Bosses, they are available at a discounted price through Planet COB's website. As always, keep it locked to The B.O.S.S. Board for further Crooked I related music news! #COB

Track List

1. Ssuutt x 2
2. Pocket Full Of Money
3. Roll Call feat. G. Malone, Coniyac, Jay Rock, Mistah Fab
4. Diamond In The Back feat. K-Young
5. Drum Murder feat. Horseshoe G.A.N.G.
6. No Competition
7. Goin Bad feat. KeyAna
8. Game Time (Bonus Track)

Purchase: http://www.planetcob.com/store
sick.. I just kinda wish he did one without features (horseshoe gang can stay tho lol).. either way I'm sure it'll be dope can't wait
he did tweet me he'd have something to hold us over!!
(11-16-2011, 03:29 PM)apostle p link Wrote:sick.. I just kinda wish he did one without features (horseshoe gang can stay tho lol).. either way I'm sure it'll be dope can't wait
haha true horse shoe gang should have the only feature on this, cant wait 2 hear this though!
In EPs we trust because LPs don't drop.
(11-16-2011, 04:01 PM)anita_job link Wrote:In EPs we trust because LPs don't drop.

Yay :-)

I know it's only like four weeks away but he should do a mini hip hop rereloaded in the build up!
We knew Crooked could put words together back in 99. The difficult task over the course of history for lyricists of his caliber, was to craft well-rounded albums. I guess psychologically, he's afraid to take that step out of fear of failure. No one cares about mixtapes or EP's anymore, Dominick. Drop an album or just shut up and play your role in Slaughterhouse.
The Prelude EP? Prelude to another cancelled album?

Haha in all seriousness. As a Crooked fan we all know this is what we get; Freestyles, EP's, Slaughterhouse. Were not gonna get an album so i'm happy with an EP. Should be ill.
Judging from the features, it sounds like some of these songs are from the MDS sessions. I guess time will tell.

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