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Crooked I Performing @ "Spin Night Club" In San Diego, CA (01/20/12)

Quote:The Circle of Bosses family certainly put in a lot of work throughout the last year and have already started planning their takeover for 2012. Crooked I is kicking off the New Year in a major way as he plans his next live performance.

On Friday January 20th, it has been announced that Crooked I will be hitting the stage at San Diego, California's Spin Night Club. The Dred Carpet presented event will feature an additional appearance by Uncle Sam and music from four different rotating DJs. Tickets for the show are currently available through the venue's official website.

If you are interested in tracking additional Crooked I related live event, please visit the "Events" bulletin under our "News" section. As always, keep it locked to The B.O.S.S. Board for future news updates.

[Image: smallertx.jpg]

yeah im down for this is friday night hopefully my new job wont b a problem and i ckeck out their site and nothing has been posted,
Yeah, Crook JUST announced this, I expect additional information this week. As soon as it's available I'll get the article updated.
Alrite cool, i remember when crooked perform at the Brick, still have footage of it, this time i have a good camera, last time forgot to bring an extra battery so i had to record on my phone which didnt came out good...this time imma b prepare  8) 8)
Here's the full information regarding the event  -

[Image: smallertx.jpg]
i saw that now i gotta c how works is gonna work out hopefully is not 2nd shift cuz if its imma  :'( :'( :'( :'(
Just a reminder, the show is THIS Friday!
well im unemploy so imma spend my last bucks 2nite and blow b4 everything cumbles
I found some live footage from the show!
Hard White Remix
Game Time

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