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2005 interview promoting Life After Death Row
ML: Hey what up, what’s going on with you?

Crooked I: All kinds of things man, trying to get it going, you know what I’m saying?

ML: Good weather outside right now in Cali? are you in Cali?

Crooked I: Yea, I’m In Cali man.

ML: Enjoying the Weather?

Crooked I: Yes sir, 72 degrees!

ML: Nice! Better then the 30 degrees I’m freezing in right now.

Crooked I: Where you at?

ML: I’m in Maryland right now, but I go to school in Buffalo where it’s like 4 degrees.

Crooked I: Wow!

ML: First off, one of the first freestyles I’ve heard from you was that freestyle on Sway & Tech over the [Clipse’s] gridin beat, and when I heard that my jaw dropped, its one of my favorite freestyles of all time, I really think if any one can bring the west back it can be you, so what do you have upcoming? What projects are you working on?

Crooked I: Well I’m working on a DVD, we just finally finished, edited it, it looks nice. I was trying to get it out before Christmas, but I missed it by just about a couple of days. We are gonna put that out first in January it’s called ‘Life after [rip] Row’. It’s a very good piece man, it’s a documentary but it also has Russell Simmons, Master P, Bun B, WC, just different people in there. A lot of these DVDs man, they just go around with a camera you know, with no real storyline. I think people will gain something from listening to these people talk about the different things that they’ve been through. It has a mini-soundtrack with it, with 8 brand new songs on it, that you get for free when you purchase that. I got my mixtape Young Boss Vol.2, I just did that one. We got that revved up, ready to go in January as well. Then I got the album, Bossman, the movement, the album is a good album, I really think people will enjoy it as far as west coast music goes. I will have to get some of my supporters to really adjust to the sound, cause some of the sounds is not typical west coast.

ML: But I think that’s what you gotta do to put the west into a new era, you gotta bring that new sound, you know?

Crooked I: I think so man, we can’t be in the same little cycle over here, the people that are in power over here, they pretty much put out the same type of music, you know what I’m saying? We gotta really break that cycle and bring a new era in. And that’s what I’m hoping I’ll be able to do man, you know there a lot of people here that don’t have deals yet or that have brand new record deals, that will be bringing a new sound themselves, but someone gotta open the door for it to go down. So we gonna go out and go hard on em and try to make it happen.

ML: Is ex-Bad Boy Loon gonna be on that DVD too?

Crooked I: Yea, I got on Loon on their, Loon is my buddy, Loon is a good dude. His career is somewhat parallel to mine from the other side, cause he was on Bad Boy for 4 years, I was on [rip] Row for 4 years and some change. Around the same time he left Bad Boy I left [rip] Row. There are similarities in our journey. He’s got some things to say. People will probably be surprised cause that dude right there is well informed with West Coast music.

ML: Do you have a concrete date for the DVD to come out or is it just January?

Crooked I: I’m thinking like January 21st to drop it, and I’ll put the trailer on the first week of January on different websites.

ML: That’s gonna be on right?

Crooked I: Yea, and I’m gonna see if I can get it to run on other hip-hop websites as well.

ML: What about a date for the mixtape, do you know when that’s gonna be hitting the streets?

Crooked I: You know what, I really want to put that out like the first week of January. I really wanna go hard in January. I want to put the first single out in late January. I want the DVD to drop on the 21st of January. And I want the mixtape to be out in the first week of January. So January is gonna be a very big month for me. I’m trying to put it all out there and go hard.

ML: Is Boom Boom Clap going to be the first single?

Crooked I: Oh na na, that was just a little buzz thing. I felt that I needed something to show people that hey I’m still over here homie, I’m doing my thing. We put that Boom Boom Clap together just a little buzz, to keep my name in the mix, to let people know I’m still over here cause you know there were a lot of rumors going around that I was still on [rip] Row Records. So I wanted to show the people that hey look, we got a new situation, and here is proof of it. We got a little buzz song out there; we did a uncut video for it. That was that, it served its purpose too. But now its time to him em hard, time to hit em real hard.

ML: I heard the song you had with a 50 Cent sample, “I got a mil out the deal”, is that going to be on an album or a mixtape? Cause that !! was hot!

Crooked I: Oh thank you man, It’s just gonna be a download. It was a lot of controversy too, out here in the west when people first heard that because there was a little feud going between 50 Cent and The Game. And a lot of people were going damn, why this dude doing songs with 50 Cent samples, you know what I’m saying.

ML: But it came out hot!

Crooked I: Yea, that’s all I worried about! (Laughs)

ML: Can you talk about your relationship with Sway & Tech? How have they helped you in your career?

Crooked I: Sway & Tech, are real standup guys, throughout out my whole career I’ve been able to do whatever I want with them. They always invite me to their projects, any project I’m doing, I invite them. They have artists, hey, I rock with their artists for free. Whatever they want because throughout the whole thing I’ve been knowing them for about 9-10 years now. To know anybody in the business for 10 years and still have a good relationship with them is kind of rare sometimes in the industry. Because things happen, things fall apart. Sway & Tech invited me on their show one night; they kind of didn’t really expect me to be able to come with what I came with. Cause at the time they invited me, they played a lot of east coast material and a lot of east coast MC’s were the main guests of their shows. I come straight of the block man, Eastside Long Beach. I think Thug-Life was there, a lot of the Wu-Tang was there, k!lla-Army was there, and everybody was just rapping. And I just come out of nowhere spittin’, and these dudes are like “What??”. Clark Kent was there, and Clark Kent like “Yo, who is this dude right here??”. We just had fun that whole night. After that, our relationship began to grow, to the point I come to their house they come to my house, we have fun, kick it. It became more of a friendship, but throughout they’ve always supported me so I gotta give up love to them at all times.

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