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Crooked I Ridin' With Ko-Kaine Shane

Quote:It has recently come to our attention that Crooked I has not only recorded new music, but also a new video with Ko-Kaine Shane of F.O.E Entertainment. The song, which is titled, "If I Ride" is set to drop on Ko-Kaine Shane's upcoming project "The Kokaine Theory". Photos of the new video recently surfaced on the internet and truly have a "bosses only" vibe. As far as the album goes it also features appearances from Haystack, P-Thoro, Nu Jerzey Devil and Fatcat among others. If you are interested in further information regarding Ko-Kaine Shane, his upcoming project or photos from the video shoot check out his official MySpace page.

Reminds me of Game's "Dope Boys" video.
finally available for download
Ko-Kaine Shane hit me up a couple weeks ago and said he was about to drop the video, not sure where it is yet...
That will be awesome! Trailer is sick
Anybody have an mp3 of this song?
That's 1 dope-ass hoody Crooked is wearing, it's better than a SH hoody anywayz.
I look forward to the video. Will download the track in the meantime.
I bought this song off iTunes and it's pretty sick. Crooked's verse is incredible like all of his features..i'm really looking forward to this video.
MP3 please.

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