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"Psalm 82:V6" is Crooked I's best project to date.
From the production, to the hooks (with Melody Angel, K-Young, Keana), down to the bars... To me this is his best project he's done in his career (so far). Musically, it's top notch. The sound quality (from the iTunes version) is amazing, but that's a given with Crooked's engineer. I can't stop playing this mixtape. Lots of replay value in here.

I didn't enjoy the Young Boss series, and there's only about 2-3 tracks from each EP that I have kept, but P82:V6 as a whole was very well put together. Anyone agree?  8)
Honestly this album is good and I would go as far as saying - Never forget is hands down one of my favorite crooked songs right now..

But I still think Young Boss Volume 2 is his best work. I didn't skip a track on that whole mix tape.
Maybe best LP? Hard to compare EP and LP quality due to the length difference.
block obama 2 + in none we trust >
Young Boss 2 , then Psalm, other projects were cool tho they had some fillers. yb2 and psalm are amazing street albums.
Definitely one of my favorites, can't agree about YB I thought they were banging front to back but I do like this tape more right now, but I really couldn't rank most of Crooks projects, a few I didn't like but the rest are pretty equal to me
 Defective Crooked I Robot
(07-17-2012, 10:09 AM)anita_job link Wrote:Maybe best LP? Hard to compare EP and LP quality due to the length difference.

It's more about the quality than the quantity.
crook should have just added a few songs to In None We Trust and called that a CD

the song with twista, the song with HSG, the song with roc mars, never forget and bbbb
you need to listen to young boss album again and again then cuz you dont even know, that shit is monster work. And yes id have to agree and say this psalm album is killin it best work to date and guarenteed to make new listeners, guarenteed. Best work now imagine the next slaughterhouse verses and his million dollar story 8/ omg this is the start to 2012 he says it lol
Reached 50k downloads on DatPiff, was a really smart decision bringing it out now rather than in an album form however many years ago MDS was supposed to come out cos it would've never seen much attention.

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