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"Treacherous Is A Brand You Can Trust" Oh really....?
(06-30-2010, 10:00 AM)cymba link Wrote: [quote author=THE MAD HATER link=topic=762.msg273969#msg273969 date=1277871699]
crooked's fanbase has grown by 100 over the past 3 years.

i'd say Crooked is doing a good job

he gives me HUNDREDS of free songs that are better than any rap on the CD shelves outside of 2pac or old Wu Tang albums

Crookeds fan base has NOT increased. He still is nowhere near where his buzz was in 2008 after during and immediately after HHW and the Dream Big single with Akon.

I would say he has digressed in popularity if anything. Slaughterhouse may have gotten him some fans, no doubt about it, but not many. Plus, those fans are the casual fans that would never buy a Crooked solo album too.

Am I the only fuckin person on this board that remembers when Crooked was the front page EVERY SINGLE hip-hop website and was attracting more listeners every week during the HHW era? He should have dropped dropped BOSS that May or June, but no Treacherous thought pushing Dream Big on Crooked's MySpace was enough and not evening offer for sale until September was enough.

crooked got TONS more fans now than ever before

just cuz you got butt hurt that Boss hasn't dropped doesn't mean everyone else has.

dude dropped "backfire" months back and im still bumpin that shit daily

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