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Crooked I - Finer Things
Artist: Crooked I
Song: Finer Things
Produced by: Felli Fel
Appears on: St. Valentines Day Bossacre

Intro: (Crooked I)

C.O.B., Cirlce of Bosses, Cash over Bitches, Crip or Blood
Conductin' Organized Business, yeah
I'm in this mothafucka with the HorseShoe Gang youknowImean
We aint doin' nothin' but ah, keepin' it Bossy
But hold on

Verse 1: (Crooked I)

That's it, I'm burnin' niggas like acid
As if you can last with my classics
I'm that shit, rap spittin' Jurassic
Lit like a match stick when we match wiz
I'm that sick, light the booth like a camp fire
To amplify us, I'm a vampire
Give the track flat tires
Soon as I lift my voice like a black choir
Hard to read like a damn liar
Everytime I spit I lose control
Stickin' my dirt diggler in music's hole
Still artistic enough to paint a picture of music's soul
The best truth be told
Had to drop the mothafuckin' Bossacre
Rap's my bitch now, ya can get off of her
Before breakin' of laws occur
Draw infront of the officer
I'm in an awesome spurt
Ever seen a drive by shooter rockin' Gucci apparel
Iced out like a Nubian Pharaoh
I be the bow, you be the arrow
I'ma shoot you nigga
I'll be the trigger my crew be the barrel
Cuz, when I get pool we all gone pop
Then with seperate release dates, we all gone drop
Watchin' 106 & Park gettin' sick of your song
Then I realized I fucked every video hoe,
In every video known, every video shown
Really tho, makin' pretty hoes moan
Benzy on chrome
I dont know why I'm way flyer than you
You ridin' on 20's, I ride higher than you
22 inch wires, I might admire the view
A 9 and a dime, my cockpit require the tool
Till I retire I spit like I desire the flu
Be sicker than niggas
That's what I aspire to do
And I'm ridin' with so many gorillas you think I hired a Zoo
Fire your 22, I fire Bazookas, expire you, cuz
I'm tired of you, you not as fire as you - was
Give em a blindfold and a Marlboro
Brap, I'm takin' your spot tommorow bro
Lotta niggas fell of, I think we all know
Now should I give em a pass?
I'm like, naw hoe
They hear me man
They sayin' dude is mean
Not knowin' they listenin to the future king
Bling Bling King of spit, what do you mean
If you the King, why dont you do a thing
(For what?) For the Coast, in the hood you a ghost
Not even in the Club, scared to pose with your folks
On the video, niggas dogs and they locs
Bangin like they active, you niggas got jokes hahaha

Outro: (Crooked I)

You niggas got jokes man haha
It's the Bossacre nigga, Felli Fel
And the Don Nik Bean
C.O.B. bitch
Ya niggas got jokes

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