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Crooked I Talks Next Project In New Interview (Cam Capone News)

Quote:Last week Crooked I joined Xzbit on stage in California to celebrate the release of his new album Napalm. After the show, Crooked had the time to chop it up in a brand new video interview.

In a brand new video feature with Cam Capone, Crooked I discusses the success of Slaughterhouse's latest album as well as his plans for the future. The Boss of the West Coast reveals that he is currently recording for his next solo project which is planned to be released in 2013. Crooked I states that the project is still in it's early stages and a final concept has not been worked out entirely. This is certainly exciting news for fans and we encourage everyone to check out the interview by using the media player below.

If you are interested in keeping up-to-date with Crooked I, please be sure to visit his official Twitter page. As always, you can continue to visit The B.O.S.S. Board for all your Circle of Bosses related updates.

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So, with all that being said, what kind of stuff do you want to hear on this next project?
So does this mean Million Dollar Story is scrapped?
(10-14-2012, 09:27 PM)aLCapone link Wrote:So does this mean Million Dollar Story is scrapped?

It's not clear what the status on that project is at this point. However, most of the music that was ORIGINALLY planned for this album appeared on the last few EP's and the Psalm mixtape. So, whether or not he compiled a new track list remains to be seen. My guess is that MDS is just a name at this point and the next project could be called "Million Dollar Story" or just something completely different.

Either way, it doesn't matter to me too much. As long as the music is tight. I'll admit though I did like the name "Million Dollar Story", but whatever he calls he next project should be fine. Hopefully there is a dope concept with it and it's a full length project. I don't think we need anymore EPs.
Yeah we've definetly heard the majority of the music off of MDS. It's clear that Crooked will never drop an album, he's been doing this since his career started, how many albums has he promised? Either way, this means we'll get a few dope EP's and prolly a couple good singles before he scraps this album and starts another one. Ha!
all i saw was crooked i doing a troll face.

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