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Crooked I - Slaughterhouse Is A Big Deal
Funnier is calling Slaughter house a LABEL??

And saying they don't slaughter shit? then proceeds to put on a Game track...don't get me wrong game ain't bad but Crooked Straight UP SLAUGHTERS HIM, when you talk shit and have no idea what your talking about you make your self seem so dumb! lol This guys got issues( haha some white people club sying it like he isn't white lmao WTF!)
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(04-26-2009, 12:54 AM)EFFeX link Wrote: [quote author=COBNinja link=topic=789.msg254842#msg254842 date=1240721162]
[quote author=EFFeX link=topic=789.msg254841#msg254841 date=1240720517]
By the way this is the dude that Crooked is supposed to be talking to according to some people...

From Boston and talking shit on the web cam...
Lol i wathced this video a couple days ago, and i was thinking he was talking about this guy because he disses SH.
So he isnt going at EDo then?
Yea, he aint going at Edo, just this Hollow guy, Im pretty sure he wouldnt go at Edo anyway

Doubtful, unless Edo made a web cam video, cause that's what Crooked says in the track.
Haha That exposed video is jokes too, there are literally so many Ironic things he And your coming at me? like he is someone bigger then Joe, every time he tries to diss slaughter house is hilarious too because he comes off so corny and of course we know the quality of music SH delivers, ahah what good comic relief
 Defective Crooked I Robot
I don't think dissing that Hollowz kid was really necessary but its still a dope track.
in the song crooked is talking about a dude getting beat up by a 13 year old = j hood
I found it interesting how he shouted out M.I.C after Treacherous and COB. Obviously he's cool with Royce but it just seemed weird.
(04-26-2009, 08:17 AM)makaveli_outlawz2002 link Wrote: in the song crooked is talking about a dude getting beat up by a 13 year old = j hood

So can anyone confirm that the first person Crook mentions at the beginning is j hood he says I don't even know There names so it's def two people and the second one is the white kid, LMAO still laughing over that video from last night

I will just Edit this post:

couple things, first I'm on Sohh, lurking as usual and see there's actually a topic on this song...which always surprises me in itself cause some of those guys wouldn't know good music if it slapped em in the face lol but I opened it up expecting the normal haters and while they weren't hating on him a few comments really caught my eye

the first one is a post saying there talking about j hood(which has been mentioned in this topic) and Ransom, now anyone know if it's possible ransom made a video about them, it seems alot more likely it's the loser in the web cam vid posted but can anyone confirm or deny that

the other one is this gem of a post,

"exactly the problem wit this slaughterhhouse sh1t,people think Crooked I is a backpacker now....crooked is well on his way to gettin a "when did u realize crooked wuz embarrasing thread" if he dont stop w/this slaughterhouse sharade...go back to that steven segal of the block hittin nikkas wit a pool ball in a sock sh1t dawg,we need more of that bcuz gangsta rap is dead right now...we got enuff bums to complain about the state of hiphop."

while not bad and the man is entitled to his opinion can't believe would be so "ignorant" to expect a rapper to stick entirely to one lane of hip hop, Crook is a gangster emcee, I have never looked at crook in the same light as these rappers that release music trying to talk tough all about murder and shit, Like I said Crooks a gangsta emcee, he spits about some "hood" shit from time to time but he does it in a way that is an art form if ya get what I mean he says the same thing all the other "hard" rappers spit but creatively so it's on a whole other level, so when he isn't spitting "hard" it's like he is just being an emcee... oh well hopefully crook don't change I like it this way

Sorry for the long post hopefully it isn't hard on the eyes, just had to get that off my chest lol the idea a rapper always has to spit gangsta rap boggles my mind!
 Defective Crooked I Robot
Good read and totally agree
I think the problem is that most people ONLY recognize Crooked I's Death Row days. People that have been long time fans of Crook, like myself, recognize his work BEFORE Death Row. Crooked I is a raw EMCEE and has spit with some of the best lyricists to grab the microphone. That's what made me a fan to begin with. I remember first hearing him and saying, "Who is this dude spitting? There is no one out there like that right now."

When I started really listening and paying attention to his music I started to discover the gangster rap side of him. To be honest, I could relate to that side on some levels just because I was a little wild and out of control back then and I liked that aggressive style. 10 years later, I'm pretty much a different person, so I look for that growth in the music I listen to as well. I think Crooked I HAS grown as an emcee and that's what keeps me listening. Not many rappers grow as people or lyricists and that's what cuts their longevity short. Do I disregard his gangster side? Of course not, gangster rap will always be a part of me and it means a lot to me because of stuff from my background too.

Too many people don't want to see their favorite emcees make progress and grow as people. Probably because they aren't growing as people. Sure, the street side of Crooked will always be there. It's a part of him. People should respect how far he's come though, instead of saying stuff like, "Crooked went soft or he's not hard anymore." Are you serious? Crooked is still the same dude after all these years, just wiser to the game and more mature.

Not really sure where I was going with all of this, but I'm sure my point is, not to hate on Crooked for trying different things. You only live one life and how can we blame him for not wanting to stay still. To those who don't understand what Crooked links up with real emcees like he did in Slaughterhouse. Maybe they should study Crook's background. Yeah Crook is a gangster ass dude, LOL, but is also a real emcee and he truly represents Hip Hop. So, what else do you expect him to be doing? Sitting on a corner bustin' dudes with bottles? Grow up.
Well Said..

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