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Crooked I - Gangsta Gumbo
Artist: Crooked I
Song: Gangsta Gumbo
Produced by: Jim Gittum
Appears on:
Typed By: BIGG Pene


What up,
Brainiac nigga,
off this Jim Gittum gangsta gumbo
Dynasty bitch,
the hardest nigga in the booth nigga
he go by the name of Crooked mutherfuckin’ I
and he’s so Treacherous

Verse 1:

so many niggas wanna come at the crooked
and let a couple of shots spin me around like im a feather weight
knowing that im heavy weight my smith n Wesson weapon will make you elevate n levitate
when I regulate, I hit the streets like I never ate, I click heat and I never wait
I wouldn’t hesitate to strap a time bomb to my self and hug you until it detonate,
you 6 feet im eleven eight
and if I told you once, I told you twice, I hold them guns
im so precise so run nigga run
when a soldier come, im cold as ice so hold you tongue
or roll the dice, get done when I come
im a poltergeist, sending em venom quick as cobra strike
kill em and kill em again
the shots throw ya life
you should have known the price
a killer that hold the knife till ya throat is sliced
and then im creeping by
dippin ina lac nigga the reason im
weaving a gat is to go
brat brat and your people die
nigga blink ya eye
I put you on your back quicker than that
somebody tell me whats sicker than that
you coward niggas need to get rid of that ridiculous act
when I give you the Mack it’s flipping ya back
like domino doors, you wont be flipping no different than that
then we acting reckless, snatch ya necklace
write cha death wish, eat cha ass for breakfast
when you bastards mess with the master that’ll blast ya ass with any
hand selector cause the man is ambidextrous
still keep a pump with me, for any punk motherfucker that wanna fuck wit me
still get slumped uncomfortably and touch the streets
so fuck police nigga I dump the heat


so what you got props in a magazine
you think ya better than me don’t cha nigga
I see you try to freestyle on the tv screen
you think ya better than me don’t cha nigga
I put holes in ya flow like it aint no thang
you think ya better than me don’t cha nigga
you better duck n run, you better tuck ya gun cause on the mic
im murderin niggas for fun, (murder niggas for fun)

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