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Crooked I MIX
SsuttSsutt my COBsters

I've been thinking if I should make a mix from my collection of Crooked I.  ^-^ Would you listen to him? It's a decent piece of work, that's why I ask. Sorry for my bad english, im swiss. :Smile

Best greetings from schaffhausen, switzerland.

Love listening to cooked  I mixes! So yes
So, the mixes are done, i really hope you like my selection & work. I know the transitions are not really successful but I have done my best with the free program Audacity 2.

Mix 1 :

Mix 2 :

Mix 3 :

Mix 4 :

SsuttSsutt COB!!

Best greetings from schaffhausen to my cobsters.
thx homie.  need these in mp3.

I wouldn't trip too hard off the transitions... it's a hell of a lot tougher when you are working with so many features/verses and not just full length solo songs.
Thank you bro !

and this is the rest of my ''collection'' that I have somehow scraped together.

i really hope that you like that

Mix 5


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