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Crooked I - "Untouchable Cali" (Original w/ Daz Dillinger)
What's up everyone? A while ago, Darren Vegas posted the "Nu Mixx" for the song "Untouchable Cali". Now, he posted the original version with Daz Dillinger on the intro about a week back.

This is a must listen for old school Crooked fans.
lol u know some one was going to asked, mp3 lol

man I want more of this tracks, I love this shit. thanks
Yeah, we really need to hear the full Untouchable. This is just stupid now, lol.
this goes hard.
The Nu-Mix version sounds less like a revised version of this track than a completely separate song.  They're both tight, but this original version sure would have worked great as the album intro.  I'm guessing that was maybe the plan.  Great to hear another track from this era.
(11-05-2013, 09:55 PM)PUTSOMEMONEYONIT link Wrote:mp3?

I'm looking for an MP3 for the Nu Mix, myself.  Vegas has it on his Soundcloud site, or whatever.  I think someone posted the mp3 for the original version with Daz on the dubcc board, a few days ago.  I think the Nu Mix version is just the "Untouchable Cali" track that leaked, originally, a while back, except that it was untagged.

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