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What's Up Bossboard?
What's up everyone? I used to log on here every single day. I've been a huge Crook fan for a while, at least 5 years now. A lot of people have been listening to Crook for like 15 years though Haha But anyway I took a break from listening to Crook and Slaughterhouse for a while. After the very mediocre Welcome To Our House, an album I listened to at least 15 times even though it had some awful moments. I started listening to a lot of other genres of music, A lot of classic Hip Hop albums as well. It Was Written being one of my favorites. I had heard these albums but never really listened to them consistently. Recently I've been listening to Hip Hop Weekly again, I haven't listened to that series in about 3 years so it's refreshing, I forgot how amazing Crook is at rapping, if that's possible Haha so I went back and listened to #Truestory, Apex Predator, Rap and Bitches and really enjoyed them.

I bought Top Ramen Nigga and was blown away. The Horse Shoe Gang have evolved so much, listen to their debut album then listen to their new project, the growth is amazing. Unfortunately that's what prevented Crook from growing as a solo artist. Although I went back and listened to Apex Predator and it was better than I originally gave it credit for, it still is well below par of what we expected Crooks "debut album" to be. There are some solid songs on there and the track with Tech 9Ne is ridiculous. Crook's new Freestyles are all reminiscent of classic Crooked I from the 2007/2008 Era. Listen to the Shady Dynasty Freestyles and tell me that they wouldn't fit perfectly in that time when he was ripping every single freestyle over industry beats. Crooked hasn't lost a step at rapping and based on the fact that the new SH album is being executive produced by Just Blaze I'm anticipating an amazing project. I think those guys realize that the last album did not make the fans happy. I'm glad I started listening to Crook/SH/COB again because these guys are all phenomenal MC's. Did I forget to mention Against All Odds? Crooked destroyed that beat.

I'm definitely seeing a bright future for the whole COB movement and I'm glad TheBossboard is still running smooth, What's Up EFFeX? Congrats on the continued success of this forum man.
glad to see you doing alright mang.  pac is gone and brenda still throwing babies in the garbage.  but we are still here.  the slaughterhouse movement  wasn't as fresh as it use to be. remember when they would leak tracks here and there.  The hype sort of died down. im also hoping the next album would be more well put together than the last one.  and yes! there are a lot of good music thats come out lately,  Im really liking deltrons new album and i have been listening to james blunt and michael buble as well. The best part is having the choice to come back on the bossboard and catch up on the latest cob tracks like its nothing.

I agree on the shoe gang improving like crazy and the funny thing is for me personally if I go back to their first album they still blow me away but at that time they were like Crookeds underlings where as now, I would put them as equal and they may even have the edge over Crooked, mainly cause I've yet to hear a song from HSG where I feel like they are just going through the motions but it's been nice to hear Crooked sound back to himself on the last few freestyles
 Defective Crooked I Robot
I think Crooked I and SH as a group and as individuals have hit creative and career plateaus. All of them are amazing MCs but I don't see them evolving at this point, just refining and perfecting what they are already good at. That's not necessarily a bad thing -- in fact, every artist goes through this stage after they've been at it long enough. Honestly, I think the best thing all of them could do is take a 1-3 year break; no writing; no music. This is what fuelled Pac's creative burst after he got out of prison. Hell, even Eminem started writing decent stuff again after a hiatus (minus the accents -- lol!!).

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