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Crooked joints YOU might be missing
(03-29-2014, 04:23 PM)SuperSpider link Wrote:[quote author=ehbunner link=topic=8257.msg304989#msg304989 date=1396109035]
[quote author=SuperSpider link=topic=8257.msg304986#msg304986 date=1396040930]
[quote author=ehbunner link=topic=8257.msg304977#msg304977 date=1395875303]
Anyone have a youtube or streaming link to the two myspace way I am signing up(or in) to myspace to hear these songs

I could upload the mp3 if you like me to and if it is permitted.

That'd be dope if it's allowed

Check your PMs

Moi aussi si vous plait
There you go y'all :

BYMG ft Crooked I - The Way I Walk

Choclair ft Crooked I & Kim Davis - All Night
Much appreciated!
just post them
(03-30-2014, 01:24 PM)SuperSpider link Wrote:Yo, EFFeX, I got a bunch of Crooked I features which I did not see anywhere on the forum and would like to post them for the people who dont have them. Shall I create a new post or do I continue posting under this one ?

You could post them in this thread if you'd like. If you want to make separate threads, that's up to you. Things aren't as strict around here as I make they seem, lol.

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