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Crooked I feat. Snow Tha Product - "Not For The Weak Minded"

Quote:DJ Whoo Kid, DJ Skee and DJ MLK are celebrating 2014's SXSW Festival with the release of their annual "SXEW Volume 2" mixtape. Slaughterhouse's Crooked I and the Fort Worth based rapper Snow Tha Product were recruited to open the trio's project with a monumental record. On the song "Not For The Weak Minded", the two emcees come together to exchange bars using their signature rapid fire deliveries. Now, an untagged version of the track, which is produced by Treacherous C.O.B.'s Jonathan Elkaer, has been made available to stream online or download.

Download / Stream:
they both killed it.
Snow really surprised me! Great track anyone got mp3 on its own?
(03-19-2014, 05:40 AM)shaffaaf27 link Wrote:Snow really surprised me! Great track anyone got mp3 on its own?

Download not working?
Used a different mobile browser and it worked fine, thanks e
No problem.

If you see stuff that doesn't work, always feel free to let me know. I don't do as many HUGE updates as I used to, but always try to fix bugs when I find them.
Been a minute since I heard Crooked I rip one.
Great record. I really like the production on this one too.

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