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Crooked I's top 5 albums
1makaveli 7 day theory (2pac)
2-death certificate (cube)
3-fear of a black planet (PE)
4-straight outta compton (Nwa)
5-slim shady LP (em) or blueprint  (He doesn't state whether it was KRS or Jay Z's blueprint but i hope it was KRS's since KRS means so much more to the art of hip hop)
I'm sure he said nas it was written, as well
(03-24-2014, 04:13 AM)shaffaaf27 link Wrote:I'm sure he said nas it was written, as well

they mention it here as well.

I put Life is Good behind IWW. then illmatic.  I wonder what crook thinks of Be though? It's probably my favourite common album.  Be will go down in my top 10 albums. Crook should really update his list and do a top 10 because top 5 is just not enough.

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