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A question for the OGs on the forum
I have a lengthy list of songs that Crooked was supposed to drop at one point or another and wondered if any of those ever dropped ?

1. Crooked I - The Puzzle (100 Pieces To The Game) (album?)
2. Crooked I - Untitled (DPG Recordz) (album?)
3. Crooked I - Ain't Lovin No Rat/Hood Rat
4. Crooked I - Anotha Day in The L.B.C.
5. Crooked I - Gangsta's Ride ft Low Lifes
6. Crooked I - I Ain't The One
7. Crooked I - Knock Knock Knock
8. Crooked I - Middle Finger Music
9. Crooked I featuring Tupac - Untouchable (Remix)
10. Crooked I - Young Ryda
11. Crooked I - Titties N Ass (Say Hi To The Bad Guy Vol .1 DPG Version 2003)
12. Crooked I - 20Inch Wires feat. Bun B (B.O.S.S. Music 2005)
13. Crooked I - Where The Hoes At (Demo) ft Lil C-Style, One Nine Riderz
14. Crooked I - The Players Game
15. Crooked I - Dedicated - Crooked I ft Bo Roc
16. Crooked I - Say GoodBye to the Bad Guy
17. Crooked I - Troublesome  05
18. Crooked I - Welcome to LA
19. Crooked I - Raw Dawgs (have the snippet)
20. Crooked I - Cold Game (have the snippet)
21. Crooked I - Crook Show (have the snippet)

B.O.S.S. Supposed Tracklist:
01. Intro
02. The Explanation
03. B.O.S.S. Era
04. New Standards (feat. Horsehoe Gang)
05. If I Could
07. Nothing Like It
08. Mama's Boy Got A Loaded Gun
09. True Definition Of A Rhyme
10. I Make Music
12. You? (feat. Timbaland)
13. We Got Somethin In Common
14. The Oldies
15. Circle Of Bosses (feat. Horsehoe Gang, Saucy, Jim Gittum)
16. If It Ain't Broke (feat. Jadakiss)
17. My Thank You
18. Red Light

Untouchable Tracklist:
Crooked I - Mr. Crooked I
Crooked I - Ashes to ashes

A song with KRS-1
Crooked and Jada??????
A lot of that is unreleased and probably won't see the light of day unfortunately...

For example, "20 Inch Wires", I believe that this was lost in the hard drive crash. Before "Young Boss Vol. 2" was released, Crooked I lost a whole lot of Treacherous material. I would imagine this included a lot of the "Mama's Boy Got A Loaded Gun" and "Boss Music" tracks. Although there have been several iterations of the "B.O.S.S." album recorded since then and some of it was released and other songs weren't. As far as that track list for "B.O.S.S." goes, some of those tracks ARE real, but I THINK and don't quote me on this, I think that was proven to not be real. My memory is cloudy these days, lol.

A bunch of those songs were from the version of "Say Hi To The Bad Guy" that does was going to release to compete with Death Row. That track list is below:

01. Nobody Understands Me - Leaked
02. Crook In Me Feat. Nate Dogg - Leaked (Tagged)
03. Titties N Ass
04. Crooks N Doggs Feat. Snoop Dogg - Leaked
05. Gangstas Ride
06. Knock Knock Knock
07. Young Ryda
08. I Ain't The One
09. Livin In Tha Hood - Leaked
10. Ain't Lovin No Rat
11. Cold Game - Snippet Leaked
12. Niggaz Got Game - Leaked
13. You Ain't The Homie Feat. Daz and Kurupt - Released

The "Mr. Crooked I" song isn't the real name of that record, I believe it was just called that by the person who leaked the snippet due to the hook. I could be wrong though. Can't remember the real name of that track right now.

"Hood Rat" exists, it's a real song. I had it and lost it like a fool, lol. Another one I'll have to eventually dig in my old computer for.

There's stories around most of these songs, but all in all, most of that list is not out there and the people that DO have them generally only share them with a small circle or bootleg them for unreasonable prices.
Just remembered... "Mr. Crooked I" is actually "Put That On Something". This was released on "The One Nine Vaults Vol. 1"
Oh well, so none of those are available for us then? I was hoping at least a lil something has leaked, lol. 20 Inch Wires was lost in the USB crash, but I read in an interview he was planning to re-record it shortly after, apparently he didnt..

P.S. Put that on something is dope
(04-25-2014, 05:48 PM)EFFeX link Wrote:Just remembered... "Mr. Crooked I" is actually "Put That On Something". This was released on "The One Nine Vaults Vol. 1"

i wonder who leaked that first.  hmmm
(04-25-2014, 06:15 PM)PUTSOMEMONEYONIT link Wrote:[quote author=EFFeX link=topic=8298.msg305076#msg305076 date=1398462536]
Just remembered... "Mr. Crooked I" is actually "Put That On Something". This was released on "The One Nine Vaults Vol. 1"

i wonder who leaked that first.  hmmm

Indeed. lol

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