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What's up
What's up forum? I have been a fan of Crooked ever since the Hip-hop weekly series, but never really got into doing some more research on his stuff. I own his Slaughterhouse albums and Apex Predator, and have some of the mixtapes. Can you mention some of his rarest tracks, either features or his own?
First off Welcome to the boards!

Just out of curiosity what does the rarity matter?

Wouldn't you be more interested in what people consider his best work, and best freestyles as opposed to just ones few people have heard

Maybe you could give a bit more information so I can try and help you out

You say you've been a fan since HHW so does that mean you've heard most of his freestyles since that time or have you just checked out his main projects in that time, when you say you have some of the mixtapes are those only post HHW or have you went back and gotten YB 1&2

I'm sure you've already looked at this but on the off chance you haven't you could have a look at the projects page

and also have a look and listen through this page there may be some tracks you haven't heard

Any requests you end up with I'll do my best to upload if you can't find it, assuming I have it

 Defective Crooked I Robot
What's up? Welcome to the forum!

As ehbunner said, please take a moment to check out the projects page. It's may not have EVERYTHING ever recorded on there, but we've worked hard to make it the most complete listing of all publicly available music.

Feel free to ask any questions!
Thanks for the replies! My first cousin is a big Crooked I fan and has much more stuff than I do and that’s basically who started me on Crooked’s music. I don’t have most of his mixtapes myself, but I have listened to them when my cousin was bumping them. Two reasons why I asked about his rarest tracks – 1. I figured out the projects list contained his popular music and kind of the essentials of what Crook has put out (i.e. rare gems missing) 2. As a fan forum you know much more about his music and what is hard to be found (very old features with unknown people, or songs that only existed on promo CDs or cassettes, stuff like that) so you could mention those, and I can just work through the projects list myself.
The thing with crooked is, his rare tracks are actually RARE, I wouldn't be surprised to find out less than 50 people have his truly rare tracks, I have none that I would consider rare and I've been around this community for like 7 years however it might just be that I'm such a big Crooked fan that I don't consider these songs rare, so I'm thinking I'll just start posting youtube links to some variety of songs that may or may not be known to you and if you like any I can get you a download link if need be and if you do notice anything on the project page that interests you let me know,  I can't guarantee that I'll have em but I'll do my best

Try these if you haven't heard them

I Remember feat Lvnproof

Make it out alive feat 1982, Freddie Gibbs

We Want Peace(various artists)

I'm Ready freestyle

Come with Me

Quit Snitchin'

Creased Khaki Flow

You very well could have heard all of these but on the off chance you haven't I'll start with them and let some of the real OG's possibly drop something better

I'll add more later, any additional information could help but certainly isn't necessary (what mixtapes you do or don't have, have you heard his old material that was released a few years ago as Say Hi To The Bad Guy/Hoodstar, do you feel like you have heard most of his stuff from the last 3 years or just the major projects)
 Defective Crooked I Robot
Thanks for the links ehbunner, I knew some of them. I have started working out through the list and have no problems so far, everything seems to either be on amazon/itunes or just available for free listen. I don’t know how I never bothered checking out more track before, the dude is amazing on the mic and I want to hear everything he has put out. Can anyone recommend anything like rare rare that’s off the list? From his old days maybe or some recent features? He must be doing quite a lot of those now that more people are aware of his presence on the rap scene. It doesn’t need to be available for free, I am absolutely fine with purchasing stuff and supporting Crooked.
Thanks a lot! I didn't have some of those
That any one have Home untagged??
Pressure of Man, new to me so thanks :-)
Thanks for the tracks, not heard some of these.

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