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This boi DNA thinks he went in on Big Crooked so all yall COBsters need to hit the link below and let his ass know the deal! C.O.B-EAZY
lmao  look at his grill
some one give him insurance or the directions to the nearest dentist. Fuk this toothless prick, here we ride for Crook, so you disrespect u gonna step to an army.

yall think crook will respond?
Dude has talent and bars, would love to see Crook and him go one on one on the mic!
I'm hearing this dude got a little bars and such but it takes a whole lot more than this here to impress me and as far as I'm concerned this fool wasn't on my radar before this shit so this diss won't give me a reason to start back tracking his fuckin' Discog... Lmao just look at 'em! Can't take him serious even if he can spit shit through that gap

"Diminishing infamous menaces
I'm waiting to get dissed,
if not I'm a start finishing innocent lyricist" - CROOKED-I
It was a nice freestyle. I give him props. However, I believe he bit off more than he can chew by calling out Crook. It's like waking Godzilla from the ocean, he going to come through and wreck his ass
I knew I heard the name DNA before

**Pretty sure Shoe Gang have thrown a few shots his way on the last mixtape, can't remember what they said or what song but I remember hearing dna in the context of someones name and thinking I should ask my buddy who listens to a broad range of hip hop if he had heard of him cause I felt I had heard of him before

**Or I've lost my mind, both possible

EDIT: Song is "Shoes Got Some Gangsta Shit"

"Nigga's tryin' to diss I push their wig back to way back when
DNA is a bitch, Imma call him deana, lookin like a fat dyke come and kiss this nenna"(don't know how you would spell deana or neana but it's not like this)

Best way to go about this situation IMO

Lets see if he's man enough to fire back at shoe gang before Crooked gives him the time of day

it will show if he is doing this just for the name or because he has something to prove
 Defective Crooked I Robot

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