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what new ?
Any one heard from Crook?
Any albums? any new freestyles? any upcoming tours?? any new leaks?

how's everyone?
There may be some features you haven't heard, depending on how long it's been since you've checked.

If you haven't already, Check out the music subforum in the Crooked I section, there's a few features posted in the last few months.

But other than that I personally haven't heard anything lately, Granted the only place I go is here so if it just hasn't been posted here then maybe there is some news I'm unaware of.

And again I'm sure you are more than aware, however if you haven't been following the Horseshoe Gang their Mixtape Monthly series has been straight fire and they have been much more active than Crooked lately

Oh and there may be some sort of tour with Crooked, I don't go to shows so I don't give those posts as much attention

Hope ya find some music you like
 Defective Crooked I Robot
Crook has been tweeting about being in the studio a lot over the last week or two. He's definitely got something cooking behind the scenes.
Slaughterhouse released a Mixtape this summer called "House Rules" that's pretty dope. There's a solo Crooked I joint on that project called "Struggle". I highly recommend checking out that Mixtape, "Offshore" is one of my favorite songs of this year. Unfortunately, no new solo music. Like previously stated, he does have a few guest appearances that are worth giving a listen. I miss that period where Crooked was dropping endless material, Block Obama 1 & 2, St. Valentines Day Bossacre, HHW, PFWW, and countless random freestyles all in about a 2 year period. I would love to hear a new Crooked Mixtape with his thoughts on things that have happened in the world in the past few years. I miss hearing Crook's social commentary. Anyway, I digress. Hopefully SH will put out their album relatively soon, and maybe, just maybe, We can get a Crooked I solo album, but we all know how unlikely that is.
Ya slghtr says their glass house album is done so I hope sth solo from crooked in the next year

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