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Official KXNG CROOKED & Statik Selektah "Statik KXNG" Thread (Now Available)

[Image: statik_kxng_cover_art.jpg]

Quote:After much anticipation, KXNG CROOKED and Statik Selektah's collaborative album Statik KXNG is now available for purchase. The project features ten brand new songs entirely produced by Statik Selektah himself. Statik KXNG is a seamless blend of KXNG CROOKED's "gangster emcee" rhyme style and Statik Selektah's signature sample-based production. The resulting product is a unique sound and a true representation of Hip Hop's potential when East meets West. Fans who are interested in hearing the album are encouraged to show their support by purchasing a copy now.

Track Listing

01. I Hear Voices
02. Magic & Bird
03. Lost A Fan
04. Everybody Know
05. Dead Or In Jail
06. Stop Playing
07. Good Gone Bad
08. Let's Go feat. Termanology
09. Bitch Got Me Fucked Up
10. Brand New Shit


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this could be serious. Crook did a sick freestyle track over some Statik before and he needs that caliber of beats for people to recognize
I really hope the HorseShoe GANG is on this. 
Can't wait for this album to drop
i hope they get Eminem on this
Man I hope this actually comes out soon! Statik is an incredible producer, his beats always sound like raw hip-hop and we all know what Crooked is capable of when it comes to rhyming. This has potential to be amazing if they do it right, I loved the "PRhyme" album so I'm hoping this has a similar vibe.
It should be coming out. I think the only reason that we haven't heard much about it recently is because Crook's been on tour the last couple of months.
this can be a serious album for both  8)
this forum is slacking.. Crooked's about to drop a crazy album rhyming over 90s style beats and nobody is posting about it.. The album is done and turned in already.. check these 2 links (second one is a snippet) and check crooked's twitter
Had no idea. All my crooked news comes from effex

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